About us

The Students’ Association of Red Deer Polytechnic exists as per the Post-Secondary Learning Act (see Student Affairs section 93: Students association) and plays an important role in student life at our polytechnic. It advocates for and represents students, provides a myriad of important (and fun!) services and events, and is one of the largest employers of students on campus.

But what does that mean to you?

Your Students’ Association: The 411

Red Deer Polytechnic students* are members of the Students’ Association.* Some exceptions exist. Ask your Executive Council for details.

The Students’ Association offers student advocacy and representation. It also lobbies the government on behalf of students to ensure student interests are met.

Members of the Students’ Association (most RDP students) can put their names forward to be a part of Students’ Association Council.

Elections for the next year’s Executive Council are held each year in March.

Through its Mental Health Initiative, the SA hosts mental health awareness events each term. The events are designed to give students a break and to help encourage discussion around mental health.

Health and dental plans were approved by student referendum making them a requirement of enrolment at Red Deer Polytechnic. The cost of the plans is included in student fees provided you meet the eligibility requirements for enrolment. If you have other extended health and/or dental coverage, you are given one opportunity a year to waive the Student Benefits Plan.

The SA provides banking services, room/table rentals, guidance, and other supports to its student groups.

Campaigns include Mental Health Awareness, Sexual and Gender Awareness, and Drug Awareness.

The Students’ Association advocated for this affordable transit pass, and in 2015, the City introduced the Semester Pass which is exclusive to Red Deer Polytechnic students. The semester passes offer significant savings for polytechnic students.

Each spring, your Students’ Association celebrates student success and positive contributions to student life on campus by conferring a variety of awards and scholarships at the Students’ Association Awards Ceremony. It also presents a number of other awards and scholarships throughout the year.

Legal services are provided by the Central Alberta Community Legal Clinic each month. Keep an eye on campus bulletin boards and our social media for upcoming dates.

Donations to the Student Food Bank are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made by sharing your pocket change in the “Soup Cans” around campus, placing a non-perishable food donation in the Collection box near the Main Gym, or making a cash donation at the Students’ Association office.

The Students’ Association is owned and operated by the students of Red Deer Polytechnic.

The Students’ Association and its businesses are one of the largest employers of students on campus- something the SA takes great pride in.

Proceeds from Students’ Associations businesses help support SA services including scholarships and awards.

plus so much more…

The Students’ Association provides a variety of services for students including locker rentals, a copier in the Library, faxing services, and table/room bookings.