Psyc Society

The Psyc Society’s mission this year is to help YOU in every way that we can.

We want to try to assist you in every way  possible to help enhance your learning, your college experience, and your future! The Psyc Society Executive team are ready and willing to assist and support the members by putting on various events and meetings in hope’s to answer the various questions that you may have about psychology, the program, different areas of study, and what the degree can offer.

Psyc Society Activities

  • Guest Speakers
  • Events
  • Tours of various places in and around Red Deer
  • Meetings to provide information about the upcoming events, answer questions, provide feedback, etc
  • Increase your social circle within the institution by connecting you with professionals and peers within the surrounding area
  • Volunteer experience
  • and so much more!

Sound Interesting?

To learn more about membership in the Psych Society, email [email protected].

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