2024/2025 General Election Executive Council Candidates

Our General Election is officially underway and we are excited to share the candidates with you! We are sharing the candidate profiles on our website and social media accounts to create awareness about our General Election and to encourage students to vote. The Students’ Association remains impartial and does not endorse any of the candidates.

Candidate profile & photo requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and a maximum of 500 words for the Students’ Association blog. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Candidates must submit a photo and completed Consent for Use of Personal Image, Video, and Information by 4:00pm on February 6. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

February 12 – 15


President Candidate


Devyn Shannon

Hello all,

I’m Devyn, a second-year B.A. Psychology student. Some people may know me as the previous president of the G.A.M.E. society, but a warning for those who don’t, I am absolutely a nerd. I’ve been organizing tabletop games for as long as I can remember, and I hope to bring that same energy (slightly chaotic yet somehow helpful and fun) to the table as the President l. Mental health is always at the forefront of my mind, being that I do aspire to be a ttrpg therapist eventually, I want to focus on petitioning for more support for the students who haven’t had the opportunity or availability to partake in our current mental health initiatives. More often than not, it’s too easy to look around and see students struggling with course load and personal issues. For those of us stuck in the mud there, I would like to offer a hand. I look forward to being a source of support, action, and positivity for any member of the association who just needs a break and a person to de-stress with.

Thank you,

Devyn Dowe.

Vice President Academic Candidate

Brianne Campbell

Hello! My name is Brianne Campbell, and I am running for the position of SARDP Vice President Academic. I’m currently in my third year of the new Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies program, though I’ve been here for five years total.

      I’ve been very fortunate to experience a breadth of opportunities for students on campus. In the past, I’ve been Secretary for Pride on Campus, Secretary and President for GAME Society, a volunteer for the Student Ambassador Program, and a member of the RDP Alberta Dean’s Case Competition team.

      Through this current academic year, I’ve been Vice President, then later, President for a student group (Accessibility Connections in Education Society) which I helped found, Vice President + Social Media Coordinator for the Multidisciplinary Student Society, and a member of the SARDP council (sitting as a member on following committees: Governance Review, Equity Diversity Inclusion and Indigenization, and Mental Health).

      All of this is to say that student-led initiatives are something which I have been incredibly passionate about. I have dedicated myself to trying to create and enhance spaces on campus which are safe, supportive, and inclusive. Red Deer Polytechnic is home to students with diverse perspectives and experiences, all of which deserve to be respected, heard, and considered.

      In terms of some things that I would ideally like to see on campus:

  • Expanding academic programming: I believe a re-inclusion of more language based courses would enhance the experience of the student population. Exploring offerings which may not only be needed provincially, but align with the interests of continuing and incoming students.
  • Continued advocacy of Open Educational Resources: To reduce the financial strain on students in terms of texts is something which I would like to maintain – post-secondary is expensive!
  • Increasing accessibility: As a student with disabilities, I’ve experienced first hand some of the ways that we can grow and adapt to become more flexible and accommodating. Ensuring that all students are supported, regardless of limitations, is of importance to me, and I would like to advocate to ensure that this is something which is expanded upon.

Vice President External Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical order by last name*

Yiri Y. Olueh-Matimi

As an international student pursuing practical nursing, I am deeply motivated to contribute to the vibrant community of our school, and I am excited to run for the position of Vice President External. Throughout my journey as a student, I have encountered various challenges and opportunities that have shaped my perspective and fuelled my passion for fostering connections and making a positive impact.

Growing up in a multicultural environment, I have always been fascinated by the richness of diverse perspectives and experiences. This upbringing instilled in me a deep appreciation for cultural differences and the importance of empathy and understanding in building strong relationships. As an international student, I bring a unique perspective to the table, one that is shaped by my experiences navigating different cultures, languages, and social norms. I believe that my background equips me with a valuable set of skills that can help bridge cultural gaps and foster inclusivity within our school community. My decision to pursue practical nursing stems from my innate desire to help others and make a tangible difference in people’s lives. I am deeply passionate about leveraging my skills and knowledge to serve those in need.

In addition to my passion for nursing, I am also deeply committed to advocating for the needs and concerns of students. As someone who has experienced firsthand the challenges of studying abroad, I understand the importance of having a strong support system and a sense of belonging within the school community. If elected as Vice President External, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of students are heard and valued. I will strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all students, regardless of their background, feel empowered to thrive and succeed.

One of the key responsibilities of the Vice President External is to serve as the face of the school. I am confident that my strong communication skills, coupled with my multicultural background, make me well-suited for this role. I am comfortable navigating diverse social and professional settings, and I am adept at building meaningful connections with individuals from all walks of life. Whether it’s advocating for increased resources for our school or promoting collaboration with local stakeholders, I am committed to representing our institution with integrity and professionalism.

With my background in practical nursing and my commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity, I am confident that I can make a positive impact in this role. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with students, faculty, and community members to create a more vibrant and supportive environment for all. In conclusion, I am deeply passionate about serving as Vice President External and contributing to the success and growth of our school community.


Jacq Patterson

Jacq is currently in her 3rd year of the multidisciplinary degree at RDP. She has her BA in History from the U of C and owns her own Massage business in her hometown. She is also a single mother who understands many challenges current students face. Jacq has made it her personal mission to bring languages back to RDP. As RDP grows and offers more degree programs to remain competitive, she believes that providing languages makes RDP graduates and transfer students. Offering options for languages and encouraging more PLAR opportunities increases occasions for collaboration. The increase in international students’ languages opens situations where friendships can be initiated. Furthermore, Jacq wishes to work closely with the study abroad programs to increase opportunities for RDP students to earn credits while gaining life experiences and international connections abroad.

She hopes to create an environment where RDP students feel confident in the competitive field of academics and the workforce by providing opportunities to collaborate internally and internationally.


Candidate profile & photo requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and a maximum of 500 words for the Students’ Association blog. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Candidates must submit a photo and completed Consent for Use of Personal Image, Video, and Information by 4:00pm on February 6. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

Questions about the Elections? Contact Martin Cruz, Chief Returning Officer at [email protected].