2023/2024 By-Election Candidates

Our By-Election is officially underway and we are excited to share the candidates with you! We are sharing the candidate profiles on our website and social media accounts to create awareness about our By-Election and to encourage students to vote. The Students’ Association remains impartial and does not endorse any of the candidates.

Candidate profile requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and maximum of 500 words the Students’ Association blog. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

October 2-5, 2023


Vice President AcademicCandidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical by last name*


Amanda Brouwer

Hey, Red Deer Polytechnic. I’m Amanda, a second-year Bachelor of Science in Psychology student running in this by-election for Vice President External.

 I’ve always been passionate about serving my community and have participated in many volunteer positions. I served on the student council in high school for two years. I persuaded the school board to play the Canadian national anthem every Monday and display the Canadian flags in every classroom. In grade 12, I served as vice president and got to experience more of what leadership and serving the community means.

My most impactful experience representing my peers was sitting on Adriana LaGrange’s Ministers Youth Council, where we met to discuss many topics concerning current and future students in Alberta. We were tasked with reviewing and critiquing the new K-12 curriculum. Our team was also part of Minister LaGrange’s decision to put students’ mental health first by decreasing the worth and eventually stopping diplomas during Covid.

 While on the executive council, I aim to strengthen the Students’ Association’s involvement in student lives and ensure RDP students have a continuous influence on their education.

 I want to make a lasting impact here at Red Deer Polytechnic by representing all of you in the Students Association as Vice President External.


Vice President External Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical by last name*

Jalynn Chilibeck

Hello, my name is Jalynn Chilibeck and I am running for the SA Vice President External. I am a second year BSc of Psychology student and had the pleasure of being a student councilor for the summer term. After a quick start to my post-secondary learning career, I learned quickly that I wanted to be more involved in policies and helping support students in their educational careers. Learning is a never-ending part of life and I want to help make changes that will ensure that this short amount of years will help create as many opportunities and learning experiences as possible. College programs are short and impactful, as soon as you figure out your schedule and have it memorized, the term ends. In these brief times a lot can change. Learning takes practice and support and I want to help provide some of that and allow for others to share their thoughts on how we, as students, can provide tools and experiences to help that growth.

I am a generally artistic person and would love to see more student art in the Loft and other SA areas. Art is the pathway to the soul and to not have more throughout the school is a tragedy. I have lots of feelings about artwork and if anyone wants to talk about art history I’m always willing. I love hearing about different passions and thoughts, and thankfully, art promotes feeling! My pastimes consist of puzzles, drawing, and reading. I have lots to say about most current tv shows and movies, a solid grasp on the musical theatre scene, and even more to say on scientific endeavors and changes.

I am also a politically minded individual with lots of ideas that I hope can help change our world for the better (A lost and found bucket for RDP is my first thought). I want to help ensure that RDP and all other post-secondary institutions are being considered during major decisions. I love taking on difficult tasks and growing my repertoire of skills, as well as hearing stories from others and ensuring that college is an exciting time for personal growth and development, and a chance to learn more about yourself and others. Making lasting connection is an important part of life and college is a great place for that to happen.

More than any of this, I am also a student. I know what it’s like to be rushing from class to class and the stress of exams, and I want to be able to support you during those more difficult aspects. The Students’ Association has been a helpful place for me in the past and I want to help ensure that other students can recognize the benefits and utilize the services provided. There is no better place to find understanding than in others going through the same thing.

Thank you, and don’t forget to vote!


Devyn Down

Hello all,

I’m Devyn, a second-year B.A. Psychology student. Some people may know me as the previous president of the G.A.M.E. society, but a warning for those who don’t, I am absolutely a nerd. I’ve been organizing tabletop games for as long as I can remember, and I hope to bring that same energy (slightly chaotic yet somehow helpful and fun) to the table as the Vice President External. Mental health is always at the forefront of my mind, being that I do aspire to be a ttrpg therapist eventually, I want to focus on petitioning for more support for the students who haven’t had the opportunity or availability to partake in our current mental health initiatives.  More often than not, it’s too easy to look around and see students struggling with course load and personal issues. For those of us stuck in the mud there, I would like to offer a hand. I look forward to being a source of support, action, and positivity for any member of the association who just needs a break and a person to de-stress with.

Thank you,

Devyn Dowe.


Zuleyma Lozano Medina

My name is Zuly Lozano, I am from Yucatan, Mexico. Moving to Canada expanded my experiences which helped me find RDP and the Visual Arts Diploma. I am currently in my second year in the program. I was drawn to the program as I wanted to explore art through painting. However, I found myself passionate about sculpture and using my hands to create art. I find that working with different materials gives me the freedom to connect with myself and pieces as every material has a different outcome, such as textures, weight and sensations.

My preferred mediums are bronze, wood and clay as they are all so different for each other.

I become most inspired as I work though my ideas by researching and developing the projects through the process and by doing sketches. I also enjoy problem solving when challenges appear. One of my most challenging pieces is currently on display outside of the library in the porthole gallery. I find beauty in the smallest things, I’m a social person that likes to get out with friends, read, and watch movies. These activities, in my opinion, are wonderful ways to unwind, take breaks from work, and can be beneficial to our mental health. As an international student the experience has been unique, formative and quite challenging in a positive way. I have been growing and learning a lot from my instructors, classmates and the community that RDP has built. I know what being new and feeling inadequate can be sometimes as we face school, personal life, work. This is why it is important to build a supportive network that assists in keeping us moving forward to accomplish our goals. I am running for the Vice President External position because I would love to make a positive impact. I want my involvement to create wider possibilities to support the students and association. It is essential to take care of ourselves as a community and give our mental health the importance it deserves, so we can help each other in encouraging ways. I feel that taking a more active role will allow me to interact with more students from a variety of backgrounds, that will create long-lasting results. I believe that representing student’s interests is at the heart of the association and it will be rewarding when impacting students positively.

Student Council Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical by last name*


Monique Auring

Dear Red Deer Polytechnic College Community,

I’m thrilled to declare my interest in being a student school council representative. I’m prepared to assume the duties of this position because I’m dedicated to creating a healthy, inclusive, and well-organized college atmosphere. My goals and strategies for the position will be discussed in my campaign profile, with a particular emphasis on time management, communication, and community involvement.

Effective Time Management: As a Student School Councillor, I recognize the importance of time management inside and outside the school. One of my top priorities will be attending essential and mandatory meetings, ensuring I am well-prepared to represent your interests and concerns effectively. By managing my time efficiently, I will fully engage in the decision-making processes affecting our college community.

Supporting Fellow Student Councilors: Collaboration among student council members is vital to the success of our programs and initiatives. I am committed to supporting my fellow student councillors and helping them participate actively in our various programs. Together, we can achieve our goals and contribute to the betterment of our college.

Volunteering for School Organizations and Events: A strong sense of community is built through volunteerism and participation in school organizations and events. I pledge to be an active volunteer and contribute my time and effort to ensure the success of these activities. By actively participating, I hope to set an example and inspire others to get involved.

Amplifying Student Voices: One of the critical responsibilities of a Student School Councillor is to be a voice for those who may find it challenging to speak up on their own. I am dedicated to representing the concerns and ideas of all students, ensuring that their voices are heard and valued. By fostering open communication channels, I will make it easier for students to reach out and share their thoughts and concerns.

Inspiration and Encouragement: I aim to inspire all students at Red Deer Polytechnic College. Through my actions and dedication, I hope to encourage students to join us in making our college a better, friendlier, and more inclusive place. Together, we can create a community where everyone feels heard, respected, and empowered to contribute positively.

Community Engagement and Unity: Red Deer Polytechnic College is a diverse and vibrant community. I view it as my responsibility to engage with our diverse student body, connect with those who may feel marginalized, and work toward unity. Our diversity is a strength, and I will strive to bring us together as one college community.

In conclusion, my campaign for Student School Councillor is based on a sincere desire to promote a dynamic college atmosphere. I hope to contribute to the improvement of our college by time-management skills, helping fellow council members, volunteering, strengthening student voices, motivating others, and encouraging community engagement.

Please be my guide on this voyage. By working together, we can improve Red Deer Polytechnic College and make it an even more inviting and inclusive environment for all students.


Jennifer Buaron-Cantillo

She is a first-year international student currently taking up Business Diploma. Her passion for numbers led her to pursue a degree in Mathematics and a career in the banking industry. Although her education and experience are both related to numbers, she is still aiming to bridge the gap and obtain knowledge in Business specialising in Financial Services at RDP. Her primary objective in running for council is to represent her fellow students and become their voice. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to be heard and seen regardless of their age, race, ethnicity or sexual preferences. Travelling, learning about others’ life experiences, climbing mountains, visiting beautiful beaches and exploring the world is something she loves to do as a people-person and a nature lover. She visited approximately 60 provinces out of 82 provinces in the Philippines and made sure to learn something new every time. She is also a mental health advocate and wants to convey the message that “Your struggles do not define you” to everyone. Her goal is to create an environment that encourages students to openly discuss their own sanity. Helping others by dedicating her free time to community service and outreach programs is also something she enjoys. During her 2 months stay in Canada, she has already participated in various activities, including volunteering at Red Deer Food Bank and Tree Planting conducted by TD Bank. Her fondness for making friends and connections is evident, and she believes that her life will only be valuable if she can make a difference in other people’s lives.


Candidate profile requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and maximum of 500 words the Students’ Association blog. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

Questions about the Elections? Contact Martin Cruz, Chief Returning Officer at [email protected].

Press Release: Possible City of Red Deer Transit Strike



September 13, 2023
RE: Possible City of Red Deer Transit Strike


The Students’ Association is aware there may be a City of Red Deer Transit strike later in September. We are keeping a close eye on the situation since more than 10% of our student population depends on transit to commute to school, work and conduct their personal business.  Of that 10% plus, a substantial number of those students are new-comers to Canada and the City of Red Deer; these students will be particularly impacted by a disruption in transit service, as many of them do not have family or friends they can depend on for alternate transportation.

We are hopeful that the City of Red Deer and ATU Local 569 will come to a resolution this week and we encourage both parties to consider the impact their actions will have on the success of our students at Red Deer Polytechnic.

For further comment, please contact the Students’ Association’s President, Erin Bast, at [email protected] or call the SA Office at (403) 342-3200.




September 14, 2023 – Removed possible strike date.

Top 5 Tips for First-Time Renters

By Jamie Smith, Staff Lawyer, Central Alberta Community Legal Clinic


This post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice specific to any individual situation.


Going to post-secondary is one of the most exciting experiences, and sometimes one of the most daunting challenges, that a person can have. Lots of students are moving away from their childhood home for the first time, and whether it’s in a dorm room or an off-campus rental, it’s important to know the ins-and-outs of renting for the first time. Here are my Top 5 Tips for First Time Renters:

  1. Read the Rules, Read Your Lease, Know Your Rights

Virtually every renter will have a lease agreement with their landlord, which is a binding legal contract. Not being offered a lease agreement is often a red flag, so be cautious if there is no paperwork to back up your living arrangements, because without a lease, it’s very hard to show your rights as a tenant.

In Alberta, there are 2 types of lease agreements: those that are for a single room rental in someone else’s home (or a dormitory), and those that are for a private suite/apartment/home. If it’s the latter, it likely falls under the Residential Tenancies Act, and that legislation provides basic rights to both the landlord and the tenant. Some basic things to pay attention to include:

  • Start date
  • End date (if any)
  • Rental rate
  • Which utilities, if any, are included
  • Other costs no included in rent (utilities, parking, condominium fees).

Many leases are for a 12-month period, although some landlords offer shorter terms for 6 or 8 months, or even month-to-month without a fixed end date. Every lease is different, so you’ll want to read carefully, and also read any additional rules that may apply to your lease. For example, most leases include rules about having pets, about the number of people who can live in a space, or about how long guests can stay for. House rentals will also often include terms about caring for lawns or sidewalks. If you have the opportunity, ALWAYS read your lease before you sign, and ask questions about anything you don’t understand or need clarity on. Making assumptions frequently leads to misunderstanding and potential legal issues later on. If at all possible, try to view the property you are renting in advance as well so you know that the property you’re hoping to move into matches what you’ve read about or seen online; too good to be true sometimes is! Lastly, take the time to become familiar with your rights – the Residential Tenancies Act is available online, and there are lots of resources available to help clarify what a landlord and a tenant can do!

  1. Walk In, Walk Out

In Alberta, a landlord and tenant have a duty to inspect a rental property within one week of the tenant taking possession, and within a week of giving up possession, of a rental. This is an opportunity to confirm that the rental is suitable for the renter, that there are no major deficiencies, and to ensure that it’s in a good state of repair. It’s important not to rush through an inspection when you’re taking possession, as you’ll want to catch any problems. Common things to watch for include:

  • Any holes (nails or otherwise) in walls
  • Any stains or other damage to flooring
  • Any issues with doors and windows (opening/closing, breakage, etc.)
  • Any odors (cigarette, pets, etc.)
  • Any issues with cleanliness – check the kitchen and the bathroom specifically.

Most inspection reports have a scale, but also be sure to note on the report specific issues. You will want to ensure that the property is in the same or better condition when you move out to avoid losing your security deposit.

  1. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Just as the old saying goes, a picture can tell a story. It’s recommended that a renter takes photos of the property on the day they move in (with time and date stamp if you can!) to show the state of repair of the property at the time you move in. All of those issues that you may have noted on the walk-in inspection should be photographed, if you’re able, and consider photos from both a close up (for detail) and further back (to provide context to the picture you’re taking). If you have these sorts of photos, and a landlord is trying to blame property damage on the tenant, it’s much easier to show the condition of a property with photos than it is to discuss the size of something like a hole or a stain. Perhaps even more importantly, if you’re ever taken to court for damages or need to convince a judge to give your security deposit back, your photos are going to be great evidence.

  1. Communicate with Your Landlord

Miscommunication, or a lack of communication, is one of the top reasons for legal disputes, and tenancy matters are no exception.  From the time that you start looking for a rental, to the day you get your damage deposit back and you move along to your next rental, be sure to have good communication with your landlord. Ask them questions about the property, about the lease, and about the rules they have in place; provide them with updates if something in the unit is accidentally damaged, or needs repair; give your landlord the opportunity to give you an exception to a rule if you need it, rather than assuming that breaking the rule will be no big deal, or that you won’t get caught. People who understand each other, and understand boundaries, are much more likely to get along than those who communicate poorly. It’s also HIGHLY recommended to keep things in writing – text messages or emails are much easier to rely on than the memories of two people who might have their own agendas.

  1. Paws, Claws, Leashes, and Leases

Thinking about getting a pet, or moving your pet into your new rental space? Read your lease first, and educate yourself as much as you can. I cannot count the number of landlord and tenant disputes that have cropped up because a tenant either ignores a “no pets” rule in a lease or has not followed the requirements that a landlord has set out regarding pets. In Alberta, tenants do not have the express right to have pets, meaning it is completely at the landlord’s discretion. Landlords may choose to charge additional monthly and/or one-time pet fees, and there are no rules with respect to how much this can be. The rules that can be set by a landlord can also be completely arbitrary, so ensure that you know that your fluffy (scaled or feathered) friend is going to be welcome before you sign your lease or adopt a new bestie.

Support animals are also a somewhat misunderstood area of the law. A true service dog or guide dog under Alberta law is allowed any place that is open to the public (including rentals), however, these animals require specialized training through an approved organization, and the individual must obtain a Qualified Service Dog Identification card – you can ask your doctor about the possibility of obtaining a service animal. If a tenant has obtained both an ID card and a qualified service dog, they should not be discriminated against by a landlord when trying to obtain a rental unit. Unfortunately, not every person who wants a service dog will qualify for one, so if having an animal in your space is important, seeking out accommodations that allow for them may be an important step.

There is a lot of information available about renting, and how to approach concerns or issues with a landlord or a rental property. If you’re new to the province, keep in mind that there are different laws in every province regarding tenants and their rights and responsibilities. If you need help, consider reaching out to one of the legal clinics in Alberta.

Welcome to RDP!

By: Erin Bast, SARDP President


Hello RDP students and welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!

My name is Erin Bast, and I’m your Students’ Association President and I look forward to navigating this school year with you! As the new school year is upon us, I invite you to consider your Students’ Association your guiding light while you attend classes at Red Deer Polytechnic. At our core, our role is to advocate, represent, and support you, and we also provide several crucial programs and services.

The Student Food Bank, Peer Tutoring, student groups, lockers, transit, scholarships and awards, International Interim Emergency Medical and Repatriation Insurance, and an Extended Health and Dental Plan are just a few of our services and programs.

Speaking of student groups…Something that encouraged me to get more involved on campus was joining a student group. Student groups are an exciting endeavour, though hard work, they are worth it when you consider the networking, professional development, and friendships you gain. Before my time as an Executive with SARDP, I was a member of the Legal Assistant Student Society, holding roles as a First-Year Executive Member and President which led me to where I am now! So, I know firsthand that being part of a student group can lead you to places you never thought of! I would strongly encourage you join one of our 20+ student groups and if you don’t see something that interests you, consider starting one!

The Students’ Association proudly owns and operates the Far Side Bar & Grill and The Lift Convenience Store, which provides students with delicious and affordable meals, drinks, and snacks. In the Far Side, you can find our Pay-What-You-Can Pasta and Soup Program. In The Lift, you will find local items such as cookies, bubble tea, and our newest addition, Spirit Bear Coffee, which is Canadian, Indigenous, and Fair-Trade Coffee.

If you ever have a non-academic or academic issue at RDP, our team can help you. If you have any concerns with something on campus, do not hesitate to bring your concerns to our office. We are here to assist you and want to ensure our students have the tools and the opportunity to have a fair educational experience here at RDP.

Student Council is the highest governing body of the Students’ Association. On September 5, nominations will be opening for five student council positions and two Vice President positions (Academic & External) and I would encourage you to speak to our team to learn more about the opportunity to get involved.

If all that wasn’t enough, we host numerous events every week! Puppy and Kitty Rooms, Karaoke, Free Breakfasts every Tuesday and Wednesday, parties in the Far Side Bar, giveaways, free lunches, and so much more! During my time at RDP, I have found that the best way to stay updated with events is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok at @yoursardp!

I know that was a lot of information, so if you have any questions, visit me or our staff in the SA office (room 2010) or message us on social media! Just know that the Executives, SA staff, and Student Council are here to support you, so don’t be shy!

I am so excited to see you all in the hallways and wish you all a successful year in your educational journey.

Notice to Our Membership

-Update on the Contestation Investigation for the 2023 Students’ Association General Election-

The investigation, which was launched on Friday, March 24 has concluded. The Chief Returning Officer has deemed the election of the office of Vice President Academic null and void; therefore, the office of Vice President Academic will remain vacant until a By-Election is called in Fall 2023.

We will be sharing the official results of the 2023 Students’ Association General Election shortly,

Thank you to all those who participated in our electoral process.


Notice to Our Membership

The results of our 2023 General Election are being contested, and a formal investigation has been launched.

We are inviting our Members to contact the Students’ Association’s Chief Returning Officer (CRO) if they have any information that could be pertinent to the investigation. If you were witness to or experienced any uncomfortable interactions or concerning behavior during our election period, we encourage you to come forward.

The integrity of our election process is paramount to our democratic processes; our election staff and all candidates are aware of the election rules and regulations. We take all concerns seriously and are committed to the safety and well-being of our students.

Please contact our CRO at [email protected] no later than 4pm, Friday, March 31, 2023.

All information provided will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of the investigation.

Board of Governors: Student Member Vacancy

Nominations are open for the position of Student Member on the Red Deer Polytechnic Board of Governors.

Red Deer Polytechnic’s Board of Governors is this institution’s highest governing body.  The Board of Governors is responsible for defining the role and mission of Red Deer Polytechnic, as well as setting the strategic direction.  The Board has responsibility for fiduciary oversight and institutional performance. All of its decision and policies are made for the best interest of the institution, not for particular constituents.

Members on the Board of Governors include Red Deer Polytechnic’s President, faculty, staff, students, and valued citizens from our surrounding communities.

As a Student Member on the Board of Governors, you are responsible for offering a student perspective on all matters.

All members of the Association in Good Academic Standing are eligible for put their name forward for this position, provided they are not employed by the Institution or the Association.

Complete the Board of Governors Student Member Nomination Package and submit to [email protected]. Nomination Packages are available here or in the Students’ Association office (room 2010.) Nominations will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected.

If you have further questions regarding the role of Student Member on the Board of Governors, please contact Savannah Snow, Students’ Association President at [email protected].

Interview Tips That Will Help You Get The Job

By: Hannah Giannioudis, Career Services Consultant

POV: you’ve just heard back from your dream employer that you’ve been chosen to advance to the next step in your application process… Interviews! While it is exciting becoming closer to your dream job, likely, a lot of nervous feelings will begin to arise after the initial excitement has worn off.

“How should I dress?” and “How can I best prepare?” may be some questions you are internally posing, so let’s work through those together to get you interview ready.

First, attire. Deciding what to wear for an interview can be stressful in itself. As always, it is very dependable on the company. My suggestion to you is do your research! If possible, visit the company and observe what staff is wearing to gain a better idea on how to dress for your interview. If still unsure, your best bet is to dress along the lines of business casual. This may look different to everyone depending on your own personal style, but some ideas may be adding a blazer or choosing a button-up shirt over an everyday t-shirt. Interviews are essentially about presenting the best of yourself to the employer so, bottom-line, dress in something that makes you feel confident so that you can walk into your interview self-assured.

Next, how can you best prepare for an interview? Here, we are going to narrow in on three different ways to prepare for an interview. First, always be aware of not only what your strengths are, but what your weaknesses are that an employer may notice. For example, perhaps you don’t have experience in the field you are applying to considering you are a brand new graduate. Employers will likely ask you to speak on this weakness. Potentially through the question: “Why do you believe you are prepared to take on this role/position with relatively low experience?”. How we best respond to this question is highlighting what we have done. Although you may not have relative work experience, you do have education behind you that will have transferrable skills you can highlight have been accumulated. Skills such as adaptability, communication, experience using Microsoft, experience working within a team (group/partner projects), and experience receiving and applying constructive feedback to your work are some examples that can be utilized. So, although you may not have relevant work experience, you do have many transferrable skills that can be used to your advantage when answering any questions related to experience. Take some time ahead of the interview to reflect and see how you can speak on your potential weaknesses in a positive light.

The next way to best prepare for an interview is by doing your research on the company you are applying to. You can do this by checking out their website, understanding the company’s/organizations values, and visiting their locations to get a grasp on the atmosphere present.

Lastly, another way to best prepare for an interview is practicing before hand. To start, I encourage you to download the Sample Behavioural Interview Questions from the Career Services webpage (also under ‘Resources’) and rehearse what your answer would be to these questions. Practicing beforehand leaves little room for overconfidence to crowd your thoughts, during the actual interview, therefore limiting the possibility of over-talking or rambling. After some practice and once you’ve gotten a good sense of how you’d answer most behavioural questions, ask someone to run through a mock interview. When choosing this person, however, make sure it is someone you are not overly comfortable with like a close friend or family member. Instead, choose an individual you are not very familiar with in order to replicate the interview atmosphere.

I hope these interview tips help you in your job/career applying journey. Always remember to be your authentic self when interviewing and be confident in your skills and attributes! Throughout your education you will learn so many valuable skills that can be used to your advantage when applying and interviewing for jobs. Sometimes it just takes some reflection to recognize what those are and how you can highlight them to employers.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Career Services here at Red Deer Polytechnic via our email: [email protected]. Make sure to also keep an eye on Career Services Calendar of Events! Here you will find all the dates and registration for our Career Workshops in collaboration with the Career Assistance Network.

Lastly, if you are needing any Career Assessment help, please look at booking a 1-on-1 appointment through the Student Connect Centre. Career Services is looking forward to assisting students in deciding what job/career pathways they may be interested in through assessments, career profiles and more!

2023/2024 General Election Candidates

Our General Election is officially underway and we are excited to share the candidates with you! We are sharing the candidate profiles on our website and social media accounts to create awareness about our General Election and to encourage students to vote. The Students’ Association remains impartial and does not endorse any of the candidates.

Candidate profile requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and maximum of 500 words for Viewpoints. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

March 20 – 23


President Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical by last name*


Erin Bast

I am Erin Bast, and I am running for the position of Students’ Association President. Since October 2022, I have held the position of Vice President External. During my time in office, I have grown personally and professionally. I feel my journey has just begun with the Students’ Association, which is why I have decided to run for office again! Now in my final year of the Legal Assistant Diploma Program, I will further my education beyond what I have already committed. Which means I intend on being on campus for many more years.

Since I began my journey at Red Deer Polytechnic in 2021, my volunteering and organizational commitments have always led me to the Students’ Association, whether it was my involvement with student groups such as the Legal Assistant Student Society, which I was elected President of in 2022, or the Campus Wellness Advocate Program, where I became educated in mental health and volunteered to raise awareness of mental health on campus to and for the students of RDP; even simple tasks such as fundraising for scholarships with Students’ Association student groups. Or advocating for new computer chairs in the computer labs (907B); anything extra I seem to find myself involved in is to better the students of Red Deer Polytechnic. So, it’s fitting that I find myself so invested in the Students’ Association since they, as do I, live and breathe the well-being of the students of Red Deer Polytechnic.

I find it crucial to spread awareness regarding mental health issues and problems. It has been important to me to become more educated about mental health since working through my own mental health issues. Studying the law has also made me realize how much mental health and the legal system are intertwined. Education in this area has humbled me and made me more understanding and empathetic. I do my best with the knowledge that I have been provided for free from RDP’s Counselling Services. I am now certified with Mental Health First Aid and Community Helpers.

I am a wife and a mother to three little ones and our three fur babies, and I cherish them all. They are the reason that I am here furthering my education; they are the reason that I am pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone; they are the reason I succeed. They are my everything. I have a great support system at home, which has allowed me to find my way through juggling family, school, extracurricular and volunteering schedules.

As I said, I am passionate about mental health, so I know many things can affect a person’s mental health, such as money, food, employment opportunities and access to counselling services. Should I be elected as the President, I would advocate for the students of Red Deer Polytechnic to have access to all of these critical services.


Vice President Academic Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical by last name*

Jacq Patterson

Hi there, I am Jacq and I am from Red Deer county. I attended RDP back in 2013 where I took the transfer program in History. I completed my History Degree in 2016 at the University of Calgary and I am currently back at RDP boosting my GPA to apply for my Masters at U of C.
My academic focus is on East Asian History, and more specifically Japanese sexuality post WWII

I am also a registered massage therapist and own my own business. I love getting to connect with people and helping them feel their best so they can do their best.

On top of it all I am a mom of a happy little 2 year old.

And, being part of a multicultural family I find it important to make post secondary a welcoming safe space where everyone gets the opportunity to grow and follow their dreams.


Ali Sadeghi

Dear Fellow Students,

My name is Ali Sadeghi and I am happy to announce that I’m running for the Students’ Association’s Vice President Academic role for 2023-2024. I have dedicated my entire life to public service and I believe that with my given experience at Student’s Association’s council and my previous student body governing experiences, I have the proficiencies and capabilities necessary to lead our school community and make positive changes for each and every one of you and your peers.

Primarily, I believe that communication is key in any successful organization and body, and that includes Red Deer Polytechnic’s community. If elected as vice president academic, I will strive to keep students, educators, and parents informed about important school events and issues and plans. I will also make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and that all opinions are taken into consideration regardless of their background, belief, mindsets etc.

Furthermore, I believe that it is important to have a positive and inclusive school culture. As Vice president academic, I will work relentlessly to ensure that every student feels welcomed and valued in our school. This means promoting diversity, celebrating different cultures and backgrounds, and creating a safe and supportive environment where everyone can thrive and create a better future.

I understand the importance of academic excellence. As Vice President academic, I will work with professors and administrators to ensure that our school provides the best possible education for all students. This means supporting innovative teaching methods, providing access to resources, and encouraging students to set extraordinary academic goals for themselves. I’m also proud to state that I have lots of extraordinary plans regarding the textbook prices, curriculum changes and courses, foodbank etc.

Lastly, I believe that extracurricular activities are an important part of a well-rounded education. I will work to support and promote a variety of extracurricular programs, from sports teams to academic clubs to volunteer organizations. These activities not only enhance students’ learning experiences, but also provide valuable opportunities for leadership, networking and personal growth.

In order to achieve these goals, I will work closely with the School Council and administration to develop and implement effective strategies. I am committed to being accessible and responsive to the needs of our school community, and I welcome your ideas and feedback. I’m here to make sure every student have a voice and I will assure you I will fight for that voice.

In brief, I believe that I am the right candidate to lead our school community as Vice President Academic. I have a clear vision for Red Deer Polytechnic’s future goals, plans and I am obligated to working hard to accomplish it.

I ask for your support and your vote, and I promise to work determinedly on behalf of Red Deer Polytechnic’s Student’s Association and its students. I’m eager for a better future for RDP and I’m sure with your help, we can make it happen.

Student Council Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical by last name*


Danilo JR Batac


Hello, fellow students! Danilo Batac here, a 2nd Year Business Administration Diploma in Marketing student, a PROUD FILIPINO, and an advocate of quality education for all students.I am aspiring to be part of the council to promote equality for all students in Red Deer Polytechnic. I have been working with different age groups throughout my professional journey in the Philippines and hoping to experience the same thing with the new environment that the Students’ Association can offer. I am here to listen for students’ concerns, protect their rights, and respect their differences.

Before migrating here in Canada last 2021, I have been a licensed language teacher in the Philippines and taught different age groups from grade school to college students. I learned from my professional life that understanding diversity is an important component in building a community that is inclusive, unique, and highly motivated to bring potential from its members, especially with my students before.

The ventures of migrating here in Canada, studying a new program, and possibly joining the student council are some of my greatest achievements so far because nothing can beat manifestation and taking risks. I am glad that my choices put me to a lot of learnings and realizations, which I can use in dealing with all students’ concerns.

Together, let us make RDP our inclusive learning companion!


Amanda Brouwer

Hey, Red Deer Polytechnic. I’m Amanda, a first-year student taking a Bachelor of Science in psychology. So far, I am in love with learning and can’t wait to start Psychiatry at the University of Calgary to pursue my dream of treating the elderly a passion that came from my grandmothers.

I’ve always been passionate about serving my community and have participated in many volunteer positions. I served on the student council in high school for two years during which I persuaded the school board to play the Canadian national anthem every Monday and to display the Canadian flags in every classroom. In grade 12 I served as vice president and got to experience more of what leadership and serving the community means.

My most impactful experience representing my peers was sitting on Adriana LaGrange’s Ministers Youth Council, where we met to discuss many topics concerning current and future students in Alberta. We were tasked with reviewing and critiquing the new K-12 curriculum where I encouraged Minister LaGrange to teach history in chronological order between grades. Our team was also part of Minister LaGrange’s decision to put students’ mental health first by decreasing the worth and eventually stopping diplomas during Covid.

I hope to make a lasting impact here at Red Deer Polytechnic by representing all of you in the Students Association.


Jalynn Chilibeck

Hello, my name is Jalynn Chilibeck and I am running for student council. I am a first year student and am just starting my journey through Red Deer Polytechnic. After starting off in a BoA of English I’m transferring to a BSc of Psychology and am hoping to go to grad school in the not so distant future. Learning is a never ending part of life and I want to help make changes that will ensure that this short part of life can help create as many opportunities and learning experiences as possible. College programs are short and impactful, as soon as you figure out your schedule and have it memorized, the term ends. In these brief times a lot can change. Learning takes practice and support and I want to help provide some of that and allow for others to share their thoughts on how we, as students, can provide tools and experiences to help that growth.

I have never really had the time to take on any leadership roles. I did choir for 8 years, band for 5, tried musical theatre (decided it wasn’t quite my jam). I have taken on the role of section leader a few times which was fun. I’m aiming towards figuring out why no one does performances in the Arts Centre anymore. The Auditorium has the most beautiful acoustics and I think it is a tragedy that after all that money and time put into it, it has fallen rather silent. As of yet I don’t know any of the costs or logistics, but I plan on figuring it out. A stage of that magnitude should be used and loved.

I am also a visual artist. I love painting and quilting, and have made more than one cool outfit! Massive projects that are made of intricate pieces give me a strong sense of comfort. To know that even the smallest piece can make a difference is a reassuring prospect to me and I hope that others share that feeling.  SThere is a distinct need for precision in quilting. If this aspect of a task is not met, then there is no chance for the quilt to come together perfectly. I love taking on tricky tasks and ensuring that all of their aspects are done as good as can be so that they fit into their spot like a perfect puzzle piece. I also enjoy puzzles, riddles, and books. When reading a book it feels like you’re learning about the world, potentially your own world, through someone else’s point of view which I think is pretty neat. Hearing others’ thoughts and opinions and being able to give their voices a place to be heard and amplified can have a huge impact and I hope to be a part of that.

I hope that you will give me a chance to help change the school for the better!


Ryan Henri

Ryan Henri is in the third year of the BA Psychology Program after previously completing a Journeyman Welding Certificate here at RDP. He knows RDP from the welding booths of the 800 wing to the social science classrooms in the 2500 halls. Ryan’s personal achievements include maintaining a standing on the President’s List of the Honour Roll each year and winning several scholarships and awards for creative writing, philosophy, and academic achievement.

The years spent in the student community have given him an understanding of the school identity and vibrant spirit of the student body. All students share the same goals of academic success, social connection, and a hope to build a brighter future. Belief in these goals has inspired Ryan to participate in student groups, social events, represent the student perspective in the Research Common, and take on leadership roles in the Psychology Society and student Governance in the 2022-23 school year. To help uphold the best interests of students, he has participated in Committees on mental health and EDII, has examined budgets and audits, and questioned Institution administrators and elected executives. The accomplishments Ryan is most proud of are being able to encourage his friends and classmates when they need it, supporting the Psychology Society in the events for their membership, and supporting the Student Mental Health Survey that has succeeded in showing what student needs are on campus.

Every student deserves to be supported, to be healthy, to pursue their own success, and to have their voices heard in decisions that affect them. A new school year brings new challenges and opportunities requiring the student voice to be heard. Electing Ryan Henri to Council for 2023-24 will allow him to keep working for the students, and his strong experience will allow him to keep their voice loud. This election, be heard! Vote Henri!


Sukhmanjit Kaur

Hello everyone! I am Sukhmanjit Kaur, a student in Early Learning and Childcare program. I am originally from India, and came to Canada for my post-secondary education in August, 2022. Its been a great experience for me from that time on. I had many experiences that taught me to never to lose hope. Moreover, the facilities and support provided by the various departments in college are helpful too, whether it is workshops with information, or virtual sessions, food facilities, everything was something helping every student in one or other way. Being in a course with children, I learnt that support and guidance can help in proper growth and development not only for children but also for adults. Moreover, adults do need someone to hear their problems, concerns and provide necessary support in every situation. I wish to join the Student’s Council to properly represent the needs, concerns, and thoughts of the students to make sure that students can have an enjoyable and supportive experience. Being an international student, I am well aware of what are the needs and requirements of being an international, and in the past term I learnt that domestic students experience difficulties too and some are just similar to what we face, so support is equally needed to both domestic and international student. SA is already doing things to facilitate this, and I want to be a part of their work and want to give my best to provide the necessary support to the students who helped me in making my experience in RDP a healthy, comfortable, and friendly. I want to give back what I took as I believe what you got, you need to give back too, as help, respect and kindness is not one sided, it requires partnership and balance. Furthermore, it is well known that if you have stress, it will affect your health, both mentally and physically that prevents us from learning, and living the life to the fullest, so I want to be the one who initiate or develop the activities, and be a part of those activities that can help students, and even staff to help them feel they are being cared for, and supported. I have spent many years of my school life as a class leader, thus have a little bit of knowledge of representing my classmates and even my school at a big level. I feel that this would guide my journey as a council member too and enhance my leadership skills. If selected I will sincerely serve RDP and the students and staff of RDP to repay their kindness and

support that they gave me by giving me the opportunity to learn here, and ensured that I have the best experience of my life here in college. Getting involved in other activities, initiatives like promoting clean and green RDP, mental health and wellness, food security, development opportunities, even financial support, will be my focus for my time in being a council member. Thank you RDP and …


Jhanvi Khanna

I am JHANVI KHANNA, and I am running for the position of councillor at Student’s Association. I am in my second year of bachelors of biological sciences and an inspiring medicine student. It has been an adventure to be part of student association for last 2 months and been able to grow out of my own shell was an incredible journey. But most importantly becoming a connection between students and able to be a voice for them was a pleasure. As being an international student, I could understand that standing up for issues such as understanding the cultural shocks and differences for international students have a huge impact on mental health and well-being of students, it is a liability as a part of student association and being able to provide support for them in any way possible. I always had deep interest in volunteering and have been acknowledging more volunteer methods which could enhance the communication between students and institution. This position gives me an opportunity to become a student’s person with whom students can open up to the challenges they are facing on the daily basis and be the one who is not only listening to them only for the sake of responsibility but as a friend. I am always looking forward to the day where our support towards all the student becomes the utmost priority as an institution. And at last, the process of becoming a part of student association is incredibly grateful which actually allowed me to enrich the skills as a person and will continue to do so.


Rachel Rex

My name is Rachel Rex, I use she/her pronouns, and I am a Neurodivergent Practical Nursing student. I am passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion, specifically in education and healthcare contexts. Diversity can include intersectional identities of age, race, culture, sexual orientation, gender, and disability. In my experience, disability is often missing from discourse. Neurodivergence is occasionally discussed in classrooms, however it is rarely acknowledged that Neurodivergent students exist among us. Neurodivergent people think and experience the world differently. We bring unique perspectives and strengths when we are provided with the accommodation and safety to proudly exist as our authentic selves.

The term Neurodivergent/Neurodiverse or “ND”, is attributed to Australian Sociologist and Autistic Self-Advocate Judy Singer (1998). Neurodiversity uses a social model rather than the traditional medical model. We are disabled by society and institutions that are not designed by us or for us. Neurodiversity describes unique ways people experience, process, learn, and interact with the world that diverge from what is considered typical/Neurotypical or “NT”. Neurodiversity is a social category and has its own unique culture. My goal is to earn your vote to provide a Neurodiverse voice on student council, and to build an inclusive community, institution wide, and among Neurodiverse students, faculty, and staff.

I am older than the average student, I am a solo parent, and I have had a previous career that fulfilled me financially while forcing me to mask my Neurodivergence. I have found great freedom and empowerment within my identification and participation in the ND community. When a person is ND, it indicates that they experience life through one or more of the following lenses: Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Giftedness, or other learning/cognitive/neurological disabilities. In a 1998 issue of The Atlantic, American writer Harvey Blume (para 1) stated “Neurodiversity may be every bit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life in general. Who can say what form of wiring will prove best at any given moment?”

ND students face many barriers in education. We are the only ones who can subjectively determine if we are included, the state of our inclusion cannot be evaluated by Neurotypicals. There is currently a generation of Autistic and/or ADHD women and non-binary folks who were not or are not diagnosed until adulthood because of the traditionally male iterations of Autism and ADHD. Knowing that one is different, without having the advocacy, language, or support to define and/or understand those differences can be a deeply traumatic experience. Learning about ourselves, finding community, and unmasking can empower us as learners, and as people.

I humbly request your vote for Student Council. I plan to ensure definitions are operationalized, accountability measures are created, and outcomes are tracked. I believe strongly that the diversity that exists within populations, should be reflected in the people that serve them. Nothing should ever be decided for us, without including us.


Candidate profile requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and maximum of 500 words for Viewpoints. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

Questions about the Elections? Contact Martin Cruz, Chief Returning Officer at [email protected].

Taking a Break: Hobby Edition

By: Alex Fuiten, VP Academic

It’s reading week as I start writing this and I hope you all got to do something you all love during that time away from the classrooms. Creating that space for yourself can be a hard task to do, but it is important when it comes to being successful as a student. Semesters are long and it’s great to have things that we can use to let us unplug and reset ourselves, while also being a way to build community.

Hobbies though for me are hard to classify because I seem to have so many and engaging with wildly different skillsets. Cosplay, photography, woodworking, DIY electronics and repair, and custom pc builds; while these activities may not be seemingly related they do have what I would call an overarching theme, they are all hobbies around making something. Though I don’t spend all my time doing that it is the biggest category for hobbies that I have.

The reason I enjoy making things is that I love getting into the flow and lost in the endless details. Let’s take one of the projects I worked on this week, I built another keyboard. Yes, you can build them, and it has actually gotten easier over the last 10 years compared to when I first started. Now the hardest choices for a keyboard build seem to be keycap profile, size, and switch type, because soldering is no longer required, and no programming skills are needed either. So, what are some of these details? Well, I love using a 60% keyboard, this is a keyboard that has a layout similar to a laptop but also does not have the function key row. Maybe it’s from all the years of using laptops or maybe I just know what I need and like but, others go even smaller with 40% and 30% which start requiring combinations to be pressed for all sorts of basic things like numbers or symbols. Others will pick specialty sizes because they are using them for a dedicated purpose like video editing or music production, or they are left-handed and want the number pad on the left. And this is just the size factor! There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of different switches and it seems everyone has a different preference. I like tactile switches, most in this hobby seem to prefer linear for that smooth gaming action, and there are some freaks out there who prefer clicky, ugh, so much noise. I also like using two different switches in the same keyboard. On my latest board, control keys like caps lock, or backspace, will be one type of switch while the alphabet and symbol keys will be a different type. This creates a unique typing feel but also helps with way finding on the keyboard and I can tell if I’m off the home row just by feel. Again, you can get ultra-specific about really any feature. The one area I tend to be indifferent when it comes to keyboards is keycap profile. They all feel similar so I just go with the one that looks the way I want that is made out of PBT material. ABS just sounds too hollow, to me anyways, loads of people love GMK and they sell only ABS. I haven’t even mentioned sound alteration, o-rings, and mounting types. Again, it’s the details I love.

I would like to take a moment to go back to what I said about I love worrying about the details. That to me is what makes for fun hobbies like building keyboards. I also understand this is not what many want in a hobby, where it is doesn’t involve a ton of in depth thinking. I get that. I’m also sorry if I have made anyone stressed out by informing them that there is so many options or seemingly worthless details about keyboards. The part I’d stress over is trying different and new things and going with what you love.

This is why hobbies though are important to maintain and have over the course of our studies. They are personal outlets that give us something to think about that isn’t just the same old grind of get paper in, worry about the next test, finish discussion board, go to work. The other reason it’s great to have a hobby, or 12 in my case, is that it allows you to build community and find people with similar interests. Some of my hobbies have yielded lifelong friends, who I now spend more time discussing things not related to the hobby, than the hobby itself. The hardest part is putting yourself out there, but it’s amazing to find those people that you love to have around you. Unsurprising, I have found myself spending time with other makers, and creators. While the exact hobby or interest may not be a 1:1 relationship I still learn skills and techniques that I can use in other places, that are applicable. For example, a friend of mine builds scale models of World War II vehicles, and dioramas. Yet, his painting skills have given me techniques I can use on Gunpla kits.

I guarantee that there is someone out there that has a shared interest with you. Don’t believe me? I’ve developed relationships with people that have started out with just talking about pens, or a specific anime. Just being your genuine self allows people in easier than anything else.

I also mentioned that since I’ve started my studies, I’ve had to put some of my more expensive hobbies to the side. That doesn’t mean I don’t have ways to enjoy some of my hobbies on a low budget. At the start of this blog post I mentioned photography, smartphones have become one of the best cameras you can buy and there are lots of information on how to use them more effectively. The best photos are the ones that require little to no post-processing, in my opinion anyways. Just find a genre you like to
take photos of  – product, fashion, portrait. I tend to enjoy product photography. Playing with colour balance and how the item is framed, it’s a wonderful way to make everyday things appear new and exciting. You can even mix it up and get a cheap desk lamp and an adjustable coloured light bulb and play with the colour easily. One of my other low-cost hobbies is that I also regularly use fountain pens. If you’ve seen me in class, you know that I tend to have a pen roll that has 4-6 pens all with a different colour and they can change from class to class. Not only does it make taking notes more fun, and I can colour code things, but I can use them for the mundane and everyday if I want, bullet journaling, or even just regular journaling are great exercises and mostly only require a small portion of time.

So, this is just a brief look at what I fill my time with outside of the classroom or work hours. Make sure to take some time for yourselves and find something that you love or haven’t done in a while. Get excited and share with your friends or seek out new community and connections.