2024/2025 General Election Student Council Candidates

Our General Election is officially underway and we are excited to share the candidates with you! We are sharing the candidate profiles on our website and social media accounts to create awareness about our General Election and to encourage students to vote. The Students’ Association remains impartial and does not endorse any of the candidates.

Candidate profile & photo requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and a maximum of 500 words for the Students’ Association blog. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Candidates must submit a photo and completed Consent for Use of Personal Image, Video, and Information by 4:00pm on February 6. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

February 12 – 15


Student Council Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical order by last name*


Muskan Aggarwal

Hello everyone! It’s my honour to introduce myself to you. My name is Muskan Aggarwal, freshman enrolled in human resources management. I am here to introduce myself to you and to let you know that I am running for the position of a member of the student council. Although I have no related experience or knowledge about it but I’m very passionate about learning new things.

I want to join mental health committee because mental health is such a topic that has gained significant attention in recent years, and for good reason.

Maintaining good mental health is essential for leading a fulfilling and productive life.

According to me people should be aware about the consequences of mental illness and how they must give the importance to keeping mind healthy like the way a physical body is kept healthy. People tend to ignore the state of their minds. We use our mind in almost everything so, it becomes very important for us to keep both our body and mind fit and healthy. Both physical and mental health are equally important for better performance and results.

Conditions like depression, anxiety, etc. can significantly impact an individual’s daily functioning, because for some people dealing with studies, projects or assignments can be super stressful. The stressful conditions are different for everyone be it be work or study.

I can relate to this topic because of my friends and even me. I also have anxiety issues but that definitely won’t stop me from doing my best. I get very happy when people tell me about taking therapy because receiving help is the most important thing anyone can do for themselves. Mental illness should not be something to be ashamed about or thought of differently. When mental health is treated equally to other issues, more people will have the courage to get help and improve their lives.

I want to join student council not only because of the mental health committee but for myself development also. I love doing teamwork, getting to know new people, and gaining new experiences in very day life.

Plus, I’m a very good listener so, you’ll also have someone on your team who will listen to you and your problems.

As I’m doing Human Resources and want to become an HR in the future, it will be beneficial for me because I’ll gain confidence and I’ll learn more about public speaking and solving people’s concerns.

To be honest with you guys I have stage fear and I really want to overcome it. This platform will help me overcome my fears and I’ll help you overcome yours.

Let’s be a team and look straight in the face if our fears.

I will try my best to accomplish my tasks if I am selected to be a member in the student council. I will never let you down.

Thank you for your time and reading this! I really appreciate it.


Skarlette D. Bittorf

Hello I am Skarlette Bittorf, a 3rd year student in the Film Production program, and I hope to become one of your new student council members. One of my main goals as council is to help bring awareness to accessibility, safety, and mental health as I have had issues in all three areas and I know I am not alone.

I hope to be a good representation for the student body as I have been through a lot of struggles students have faced on campus. I had to deal with my first program choice being cancelled and my current program changing frequently for various reasons. I have felt unheard at times. I have a disability that affects my mental health and makes things inaccessible to me. As well I am a part of a program that is not a traditional program you would normally see and I am a part of a minority by being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Through my experiences I hope to use this as fuel to a fire and represent the students to the best of my abilities.

Throughout my time here I spent 2 years in Open Studies and I have participated as an executive member in a variety of clubs, G.A.M.E., Pride on Campus and Accessibility Connection in Education Society (ACES). In G.A.M.E. I was a secretary and social media manager. In Pride on Campus I was the CRO, so I was responsible for starting the club up again every year. In ACES I helped start the club for its first operating year (2023) and I am currently an exec as Accessibility Ambassador. Through these club experiences I know what it is like to be a representation for students in a leadership role, just on a smaller scale. I hope to continue to learn, grow, and support others in this new adventure. I can not wait to meet everyone!


Amanda Brouwer

Hey, Red Deer Polytechnic. I’m Amanda, a second-year Bachelor of Science in Psychology student running in this election for Councillor. I’ve always been passionate about serving my community and have participated in many volunteer positions. I served on the student council in high school for two years. I persuaded the school board to play the Canadian national anthem every Monday and display the Canadian flags in every classroom. In grade 12, I served as vice president and got to experience more of what leadership and serving the community means. My most impactful experience representing my peers was sitting on Adriana LaGrange’s Ministers Youth Council, where we met to discuss many topics concerning current and future students in Alberta. We were tasked with reviewing and critiquing the new K-12 curriculum. Our team was also part of Minister LaGrange’s decision to put students’ mental health first by decreasing the worth and eventually stopping diplomas during Covid. While on the executive council, I aim to strengthen the Students’ Association’s involvement in student lives and ensure RDP students have a continuous influence on their education. I want to make a lasting impact here at Red Deer Polytechnic by representing all of you in the Students Association as a Councillor.


Akshun Chauhan

Greetings, Red Deer Polytechnic students! I am Akshun Chauhan, a dedicated second-year Computer Programming Diploma student, and proud international student. My journey at Red Deer Polytechnic began with a commitment to service, and since January 2023, I’ve been actively involved in volunteer work on campus. For the past two semesters, I’ve had the privilege of supporting over 20 international students through the mentorship program. From navigating campus resources to addressing a range of concerns, I’ve been honored to assist students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they feel welcomed and supported at our institution.

As a mentor, I prioritize the well-being of my fellow students. I understand the importance of providing support systems that promote mental health and overall wellness, and I am committed to advocating for resources and services that address students’ holistic needs. With experience serving as a school captain in my high school, I bring a proven track record of leadership and community engagement to the student council. I am committed to representing the interests of my fellow students and working collaboratively to build a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

As an international student myself, I deeply value diversity and inclusion. I believe in creating a campus environment where every student feels respected, valued, and empowered to succeed. I am dedicated to celebrating our differences and fostering a culture of inclusivity that enriches our learning community. I understand the importance of amplifying student voices and advocating for their needs and concerns. As a student council member, I will be a strong advocate for my peers, ensuring that their voices are heard in decision-making processes that impact their educational experience.

I am passionate about academic excellence and believe in creating opportunities for all students to thrive academically. Through collaboration with faculty and administration, I aim to support initiatives that enhance the quality of education and provide students with the resources they need to excel in their studies.

In the upcoming Student Association general election for the 2024/2025 academic year, I humbly ask for your support and vote. Together, let us continue to strive for excellence, foster inclusivity, and advocate for the well-being of all Red Deer Polytechnic students. Thank you for your consideration.


Jalynn Chilibeck

Hello again RDP! My name is Jalynn Chilibeck and I am running for student council. I am a second year BSc Psychology student and have had the pleasure of working with the SARDP for almost a year in different capacities as a student leader. I have really enjoyed my time so far and have enjoyed being involved and having the opportunity to partake in the new initiatives that come up across campus.

I have learned many things over the past 9 months being a part of SARDP. I have learned about the struggles of many students, the many steps that it takes to be heard by the right people when you need them, and the ever difficult task of work-school-life balance (Honestly, why is it so tricky?). I know what it’s like to be rushing from class to class and the stress of exams, and I want to be able to support you during those times. The Students Association has been a helpful place for me in the past and I want to ensure that other students can recognize the benefits and utilize the services provided. There is no better place to find understanding than in others going through the same thing.

I love talking, baking, and music. But more than that, I love reading. My current favorite book is Tress of the Emerald Sea, by Brandon Sanderson. If you ever need a book recommendation I love to give them out. I enjoy talking about the importance of literature in the development and support of imagination and brain function, but I will also happily talk about the fluffy plots of trashy romances as well. I also love space. I will not get into it, but if you see me and we have time I will happily explain why singularities are actually just impossible to calculate due to the fundamental differences between quantum field theory and the theory of gravity. I am also a generally artistic person and would love to see more student art in the Loft and other SA areas. Whether it is brought up from RDPs massive collection, or if we could get current students to create pieces to liven the walls of the SARDP, I would be immensely pleased.

Learning is a never ending part of life and I want to help make changes that will ensure that this short amount of years will help create as many opportunities and learning experiences as possible. College programs are short and impactful, as soon as you figure out your schedule and have it memorized, the term ends. In these brief times a lot can change. Learning takes practice and support and I want to help provide some of that and allow for others to share their thoughts on how we, as students, can provide tools and experiences to help that growth.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and don’t forget to vote!

Samuel Johannson

Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Johannson. I am a local Red Deer resident, for the last few months, I have had the pleasure of attending Red Deer Polytechnic with all of you. I have now decided it is time to get involved here. I am seeking election to one of twelve student council seats for the upcoming 2024-2025 term. Red Deer Polytechnic is a wonderful institution and I hope that if elected I can live up to the proud history of RDP. I’ve always been someone who preferred not to sit on the sidelines, and I believe the community is best served if I am elected to the student council, this campaign isn’t just about me, it’s about all of you too. If elected, I will be our strongest, loudest, and most determined voice on the council. I will listen to concerns, comments, and criticism so I may better represent you on the student council. The first duty of any elected official is to the people they serve, that is the theme I plan to forward during my campaign. Thank you for taking the time to listen and don’t forget to vote for Samuel Johannson on February 12-15th!


Julianne Ludlam

My name is Julianne Ludlam, and I am a first-year Pharmacy Technician student. I moved here from a small town in Reston, Manitoba, in September to start my academic career at Red Deer Polytechnic. Learning has always been a passion of mine, as well as being involved in the community and playing all the school sports throughout my life. Traveling is also something that I am very passionate about. I had the opportunity to attend leadership conferences in Toronto to represent Manitoba 4-H and create a travel group at my high school to go to Europe. I am also a farm girl at heart, as I grew up on a farm and own cattle and horses of my own.

I am running for councillor because I like to make a difference in the environment around us. We are constantly evolving and changing as a society. Creating a diverse community is my main priority, as well as acceptance in the ever-changing cultures. I’ve been the president and chair of multiple organizations, such as the Leadership Committee, 4-H Beef, Grad Class, Travel Club, and Student Council, for many years. I’m proud to say I have accomplished change and will continue to help communities grow. Being a voice for the students at this school would be an amazing experience, as I intend to make a difference. Vote for me, and I promise that your voice will be heard.


Emmanuel Mustapha

My name is Emmanuel, a first-year student in the Social Work Diploma program at RDP. Originally from Nigeria, I came to Canada to pursue my academic dreams and experience the diverse multicultural environment here at RDP. Since my arrival on campus, I have been impressed by the strong sense of community and the many opportunities for personal growth and involvement. As a result, I have developed a keen interest in leadership and student advocacy. I strongly believe that every student should have a voice, and as a Student Council candidate, I am committed to ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. I am passionate about representing the interests of my fellow students and working to make a positive impact on our campus community.

My journey to RDP has been a path of discovery and growth, both academically and personally. As a Social Work student, my driving force is to make a positive impact on the lives of others. This extends beyond the classroom and into my extracurricular activities, where I actively promote diversity and inclusivity. I am dedicated to fostering a campus environment where everyone feels valued and included. I am running for the counselor position in the Student Association because I believe in the power of representation and advocacy. As a counselor, I will be a voice for the student body, tirelessly working to address your concerns and amplify your voices. I am committed to ensuring that your college experience is fulfilling and enriching. I am not just a candidate; I am a passionate advocate who will always prioritize the needs of the students. My background in social work has given me the skills and compassion necessary to navigate complex issues and find innovative solutions. I am a good listener, a collaborator, and above all, a passionate advocate for change.

If elected, I will advocate for improved student support services to ensure all students have access to the resources they need for academic success. I will also push for more mental health resources, academic support programs, and financial assistance options. Furthermore, I’m committed to advocating for and promoting diversity and inclusion on campus by celebrating our differences, fostering dialogue, and creating welcoming spaces for all. By electing me as your counselor, you can trust that I will prioritize your needs. Together, we can build a campus community where every student thrives and has a voice. Please remember that your vote has the power to create change. Let’s make it count!”


Esther Owolagba

Greetings everyone,

I am Esther IbukunOluwa Owolagba, a native of Nigeria who relocated three years ago. I completed my high school education at St. Joseph and am currently pursuing a Practical Nurse Diploma. My journey with tennis began during my 11th grade, and it has been a source of freedom and physical activity that I deeply cherish. In addition to my hobbies, singing is another one, as evidenced by winning first place in a duet with a friend at our school’s talent show. My decision to run for a position on the student council is rooted in my desire to establish connections. Despite being naturally introverted, I am committed to overcoming it by engaging with a broader spectrum of individuals. I aim to represent the voices of students who, like me, may be introverted, ensuring they have a platform to express their thoughts. Having missed opportunities to voice my opinions due to my introverted nature, I am determined to facilitate a change for fellow students facing similar challenges.


Kush Pasricha

My name is Kush Pasricha. I am an Indian lawyer by profession, and I am part of the Legal Assistant diploma program at Red Deer Polytechnic. Presently, I am in the first year of my course at this institution. My hobbies include playing various kinds of sports, traveling, talking to people, and volunteering to organize events. By aiming to participate in the General Elections 2024-25, I aim to positively contribute to the development of RDPians, better my understanding of public governance, be involved in driving the change I wish to see, and actively drive initiatives and events on the college campus.

Since my childhood, I have been a keen and practical crusader in dealing with studies, work commitments, co-curricular activities, volunteering, and life (in general). I have always strived to make the best use of my knowledge to benefit the society.

By running for the post of Councilor, I endeavor to make a difference by:

  • Being a confident communicator to build a relationship of trust and confidence among fellow students as well as council members;
  • Acknowledging diverse points of view for helping to work and reach a global consensus on matters concerning all;
  • helping students make the best use of council services;
  • Offering support and opportunities to fellow students to ensure a wholesome, fun, and vibrant experience at the campus;
  • Being the voice of our diverse RDP community, and making a lasting impact in building a safe, emphatic, and welcoming council.

I am positive that the student community and fellow council members will appreciate my contribution as I am a team player who believes in driving initiatives to the point of success. I am also an organized and careful planner. During my college and school life in the past, I have not only learned and embraced the subtle qualities required to make an impression on the global student community of my institutions but also actively taken up key responsibilities to lead various activities and events. In addition, I believe that my passion for sports and social circles in my life has helped me acquire traits that are pivotal in leading community groups.

Furthermore, I am certain that my fellow RDPians would hold me in high regard during my tenure not only because of the qualities I bring to the post but also because of my work experience as a lawyer in my home country where I have handled complex social issues, addressed the grievances of the public and worked with experienced professionals to ensure the greater good of wider communities.

If allowed to contribute to this wonderful community of RDP, I promise to:

  • Make sure that all of us gain maximum fulfillment and development as we strive to meet our personal goals of joining this institution.
  • Lead this budding institution to a new high, with a dedicated focus on community, collaboration, and consistency for the betterment of all of us.
  • Ensure a fun and robust environment, and embrace everyone as an individual


Candidate profile & photo requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and a maximum of 500 words for the Students’ Association blog. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Candidates must submit a photo and completed Consent for Use of Personal Image, Video, and Information by 4:00pm on February 6. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

Questions about the Elections? Contact Martin Cruz, Chief Returning Officer at [email protected].