Financial Hacks for a Stress Free Holiday Season

By: Oliver Felisilda, RBC On-Campus


With the holiday season almost upon us, students across the country are asking: how can one’s wallet survive the pandemonium of spending this Christmas? Fear not! Found below are some pretty cool tips and tricks that will help strengthen your relationships and save you from the dreaded January poverty that happens to so many!

Tip # 1 – It’s the thought that counts. The holidays need not be a competition of the fanciest gifts or the wildest destinations. Instead, we should approach it as a great opportunity to spread love to our friends and family. The essence of gift giving, therefore, is that you are the gift to others by spending the time and effort to think about their needs or what they would enjoy. Therefore, if your budget can’t accommodate extravagant presents, getting crafty is no less wonderful an option. DIY some of your gifts, make a card, some art, jewelry, or food. Your effort will most certainly touch hearts.

Tip # 2 – Donate to a charity. Speaking of being crafty and spreading love, it may be worth considering donating to a charity that your loved one feels passionate about. You can make it in their name or let them know that you donated with them in mind. That way, you not only impact the lives of the people immediately close to you, you also ripple that impact to others. Doing some good for the world never hurts; even better when it is made in the spirit of genuine gift for those your friends and family care about.

Tip # 3 – Shop second-hand. Sometimes, the best gifts are pre-loved. If you are looking for an adventure like no other, look no further than your closest thrift store. Aside from being a wonderland of interesting trinkets, it may be the home of your next great deal. Red Deer has a good number of thrift shops that boast outstanding quality items. For would-be detectives of quality, who knows what amazing finds await?

Tip # 4 – Don’t miss out on free money. I don’t know about you, but the best deals in life are free (or discounted). So, this holiday season, make sure to take advantage of incentives by your local grocery store, financial products, or clothing stores. In addition, remember to ask if they have a student discount or a special promo for the holidays. Be patient and don’t knock it until you bargain!

Tip # 5 – Plan Ahead. Most importantly, we encourage you to plan your expenses ahead. Instead of buying at the height of the holiday season, buy your items after the holidays when they go on sale. Alternatively, consider buying your gifts early in the year when they’re not hot items yet. Furthermore, it would be ideal to identify a budget that you can use as a reference. Going above and beyond for your loved ones doesn’t automatically mean going beyond your means. Setting up pre-authorized transfers to a savings account is an easy way to accumulate savings over time. Avoid the stress by funding the purchase before making the purchase.

Don’t let gift-giving make your holidays stressful. You don’t have to choose between building relationships and having peace of mind. By leaning on your personal touch, being smart about your spending, and planning ahead, you are certain to have a yuletide season filled with warm smiles without the sinking feeling of the future catching up with you.




Leaving Home

By: John Miguel Oliveros


It’s never easy saying goodbye to the place you called home. While the Philippines is fantastic (the food especially is to die for), home is not the place you grew up in, but the people you care for that make a place home. The realization you’ve left those people behind can hit the hardest months down the line as it did for me. I was staring out the window of the library as I studied for an exam. My mind was overloaded as information swirled over the screen. Outside, I saw a deer grazing amidst the pack of parked cars. I found it hilariously random and got the urge to tell my friends about it. Then it hit me, the time difference meant they won’t see it until hours later. I won’t be able to meet up with them at the bar and just tell them about my random life events. That moment of being alone at the library just brought me back to how I felt right before I left.

The last 24 hours before my flight was a peculiar mix of feelings. Elation, fear, and anxiety melded together and formed an emotional hodgepodge soup simmering in my thoughts. Had I packed everything I needed? Maybe I forgot something important? What if something goes wrong? It was a struggle to keep those panicked thoughts at bay. I somehow managed to keep calm and distracted myself with whatever I could, like the fantastic idea of beating a 120-hour game before a flight (that is a true story). Regardless of the distraction though, I felt nervous and uneasy. I had everything prepared, I even spent the last month giving my goodbyes to family and friends.

It started with my college friends. We spent a whole evening at my house. We celebrated their birthday (All three of them had their birthday in the same week) and my departure for Canada. For an evening, we seemingly turned back the clock to our college days as we ate, drank, and swapped stories until dawn. Each person gave one last heartfelt goodbye as they left. Hugs were freely passed around. It stung knowing we weren’t within traveling distance of each other when one of us needed a night out to relax or rant about our lives. Life choices can suck in that regard.

Next were my high school friends. They visited me the week of my departure. We went to this overlooking eatery that was just a 15-minute car trip from my house. We all joked around like our high school selves would. They told me how they found out about that place through their friends who enjoyed biking up mountains. We stayed up there for as long as we could, just sitting in a Bahay-Kubo (an open-air cabin) that overlooked the city while we ate cheap ramen bowls sold by the eatery. It was interesting finding a place so captivating right before leaving. It made me wish at the time we headed up there more often.

The next round of goodbyes was my family. The day before I had to leave, we had a small party at our house. My aunt loved food. She’d always tell us about great restaurants around the city. On weekends we’d always have ourselves a feast trying out different cuisines (nothing beats Japanese cuisine and ramen nights though). On the day I left, she ordered from this restaurant and brought it to the house. I mostly remember how fantastic the truffle mushroom rice was. I stuffed myself silly, basking in the final moments I would be living at my old house. The chipped white walls (that may or may not have been my fault), individual wooden floor tiles (that I’d always kick out of place), my grandma’s collection of ceramics stored behind glass doors (that I’ve been enamored to play with for the longest time), and this giant fabric artwork of the last supper we’ve had since I was a child hanging by the glass dining table (that I would always mindlessly stare at, it was huge).

Across the table sat my grandma. She wasn’t the emotional type of person, but she was a caring grandma who we loved being around and can cook up some fantastic food. On that day, she was complaining about who will help her out now with her when her TV or phone would malfunction. She also asked who’ll order her iced coffee in the afternoons (I never paid for the coffee, but I loved taking credit by always handing her coffee). It was her way of saying she’ll miss me. I do miss her as well. On certain days, I find myself craving her cooking, like her recipe for Dinuguan or Nilaga. I reminisce about our little routines, hiding behind the door to scare her after a smoke or waking up to a glass of taho in the fridge that she bought for me in the morning. Writing about it now does bring me back to a melancholic place. Some days, I vividly picture myself waking up at that house, walking down the stairs to have my grandma greet me for lunch or my mom bugging me with affection or ordering some iced coffee for us. The mental image I have of that childhood home will always house those dear memories to me.

As I approach the last 12 hours, one of my friends managed to bike up to my house (which was at the top of a steep hill, so props to you, Jerald) to say farewell in person. Jerald has been one of my closest friends since kindergarten. It felt appropriate he was the last one to send me off. Aside from that, I managed to get one last stowaway from my first college friend, JC. We both had an affinity for Starbucks as our comfort coffee place during college, which made it hilariously befitting her parting gift to me was this Starbucks stuffed turtle bear I’d affectionately named Burtois (because he’s a tortoise-dressed bear barista, get it? it’s a bad joke). Burtois was my travel partner for this big journey in my life and he’s been a beary good companion ever since. He stands for all my bad jokes and that’s where it matters (and no, that’s not because he can’t speak). As we arrived at the airport drop-off, my nerves and excitement shot up. I was so close to getting on the plane and experiencing new things across the globe. But no matter how ready I was, saying goodbye to my mom was probably the hardest part of it.

My mom and I have been inseparable since I was a kid, my first ever memory was my mom waking me up for kindergarten. My passion for video games started when my mom introduced me to Final Fantasy VIII as a kid and that game is still our favorite game. On weekends, my mom and I would usually head out either to meet my aunt and go shopping or eat. During the worst moments in my life, I knew I could always be open to my mom, and she would never judge me. She was always just a caring ball of energy whom everyone loves being around. She’s been the biggest reason I took the leap; She always taught me growing up to chase after my dreams. When I felt lost about which college course to take after high school, she told me to trust myself. To pick the path that would make me most happy. While that path didn’t pan out, she never held it over me. Instead, she told me it was ok to start again. Pick where I’ll be happy and able to chase my dreams, which ended up being here. It might’ve just been a couple of minutes to say goodbye, with no speeches or tearful goodbyes being said, but it was bittersweet leaving my mom there. It was hard to go off to the airport doors alone, but it’s a part of growing up. some paths just temporarily lead us away from people we care for, but that won’t be the end of those relationships.

So, what was this dream? It was to be a writer and make a career of it. That dream led me to study abroad. Writing about something personal is endearing and painful. I found it difficult to dig through old memories of an inaccessible place. Vividly relieve those fleeting moments with those I care for. The more I write though, the more I started to feel happier to have those moments to look back on. Little memory capsules I know I experienced with memorable people.

Going back to the library, I did feel alone at the time. The distance can get to you sometimes as it will never be easy saying goodbye to home, nor should it ever be easy. Those connections are special, and the distance only creates a small nuisance. It may have been an end of an era where we lived close to each other, but it doesn’t mean I can’t keep in touch. The time difference sucks but I find ways to text my friends all my deer-sighting thoughts. We also get together for some video calls here and there. Usually when they’re out at night. I drink coffee while they have alcohol. It’s hilarious. For my mom, it’s the semi-daily text updates or hour-long calls on weekends. My grandma and aunt show up sometimes on the calls. I may not be there physically, but I still find ways to make sure they’re part of my life.

The other way I get past that feeling of loneliness is I’ve managed to make a second home in Canada. The first year was blissful and rough. There were so many memories that made me feel on top of the world. My first hike in Banff (a 6-hour hike is still not a beginner trail), my first published paper in the Agora journal, and most importantly, making my first friends at RDP (Kiru, Tim, Mark, Runmar, Gie, Rodrigo, Cori, Ais, Wyatt, Oliver, Bruno) and the summer nights I spent with them dancing, playing pool, and eating wings.

With the great highs, there will always be the lows; days that made me question why I even left home in the first place. Days I felt unsure, doubting my skills while mentally stuck on papers. I feared not being social enough to make new friends. Those days never last though. I had caring relatives that looked out for me while learning the ropes of Canada. My skills, while not the most refined, did show up through my effort. I did make some great friends in Canada. All my bonds support me through rough times and self-doubt. It helps prove to myself that I made the right choice. Moving away does suck at times, but my home isn’t some faraway memory. They’re just a phone or text away (and maybe 13 hours ahead).

Balancing It All

By: Erin Bast, Vice President External


I’m not going to lie; this is not a topic I am a fan of discussing at the moment. I am in the process of moving…my life is the definition of messy right now! I guess I shouldn’t say that – I have a roof over my head, food on my table, happy children, and things are starting to come together. But I am the type of person that thrives when my life and house are in order. Chaos, clutter, and all the things that come along with moving right now are just not helpful to me, especially while juggling school, work, and kids. I think I also forgot to mention that my husband works away…so yeah, I have a little bit going on!


Trying to function while attending post-secondary and living in a chaotic state is hard. You all probably have your own tricks to juggle all this successfully but for me, being organized is key. First, I usually try to have a clean and organized home. This allows me time to focus on other areas such as school, work, and my kids. I would be so lost without my day planner and Outlook, I have to write everything down in these! But, it isn’t pretty…there is a lot of Whiteout happening in my day planner but I also know that I need to be flexible because things happen, and schedules can change last minute. Even if it’s something that I am looking forward to attending, I look at it as either more time spent with my family or more time available to do schoolwork. And because of this, I try not to take things personally when it doesn’t work out one way or the other.


I think it’s important to know where and how things rank against each other. When it comes to my life, my family is number one; everything else comes second. Yes, I choose meetings or events in the evenings or on weekends when I am away from my family, but the kids are having fun with Nana and Papa or hanging out with their fun babysitter. However, if they are sick, it’s their birthday or Halloween, I am doing my best to juggle things and put them first.

Knowing that we would be moving, I decided not to put my kiddos in any extracurricular activities this semester, and you know what? They are fine!! They are enjoying the downtime of not being rushed around town and always being on a schedule. And honestly, so do I! The rush and need to have our kids in every sport, every activity, and excel at everything is so exhausting and as parents, we are adding so much pressure and stress to our lives! I’m tired, and they are tired. This downtime is one thing that I am happy to have experienced; slow down…you’re not gonna get there faster by being busier unless you’re headed to the grave, that is.

Since being elected as the Vice President External with the Students’ Association, I maintain office hours now. So, instead of heading to the Nova Learning Common to complete my schoolwork, I have meetings, events, and reports to get to. That, combined with my home life, time is no longer on my side. I realized that I spend a lot of my available class time not working on assignments. This is something I am aware of that needs to change in order for me to be successful with my education. So now, when I have the opportunity to tackle an assignment, I pop in my earbuds and drown out all the noise that inhibits me from getting to work in class. This has been such a massive help in my personal and school life. When I think about all the extra hours I have now because I am mindful of how I use my time, I wonder why I wasn’t doing this before!

Physical Health

I know that this is such an ick thing to hear, and I feel gross saying it but eating properly, working out, and getting enough sleep plays a massive part in whether I am successful and feeling good. Trust me, nothing turns my crank more than a big ‘n juicy curly fry poutine from the Far Side, but if that’s the only real meal a girl is eating in the day, your body is not going to thank you for it. In turn, your body will take it out on you by messing up your train of thought, focus, and mood. This may seem like adding more to a person’s plate by encouraging them to meal prep but it’s truly a life saver!! Chicken, rice, veggies, done! So easy! And working out can be a tricky thing to get into, right? But once you’re in it, it’s so good and becomes necessary. It feels so good to feel good and it’s actually something I need to get back into! I miss it and I love Studio Pilates! (they offer student discounts btw.) I’ll get back at it once I’m all moved in and organized. Let’s talk about sleep…I’m a night owl, an anxiety-ridden night owl; thank goodness for anxiety meds (which I have been on for many years now and cannot recommend enough!!). They help with the nighttime struggles, but I don’t think I will ever not be a night owl. I just get more accomplished between 10pm and 2am then during the day! This coming semester, I have an 8am class and I am not looking forward to getting to bed early and waking up super early!


At New Student Orientation, one of my instructors told our class that the people we were sitting next to will more than likely be lifelong friends. In my head, I’m like, “Nope,” I wasn’t here to make friends. I was here to learn, get an education, and work my butt off. I wasn’t a young kid anymore; I was a 40-year-old wife and mother of 3. I didn’t have time to make friends, I already had friends, and they are enough trouble. My first year, I was the nerd in the Nova Learning Commons before and after every class. To me, it didn’t matter if people joined me or not. I was there for my family, myself, and our future. Then Covid reared its ugly head again in the winter of 2021. We were shut down for what seemed like an eternity, and I found that I became closer with some of my classmates while we were shut down. Once we were back in person, I did my best to stay close to them. Sometimes school, family, and work take precedence, but we are all there for each other when needed, and that’s what’s most important. Knowing that I have a group of people I can rely on if/when my kids or I are sick to pass on class notes to me or hand in an assignment for me or if I wanna complain about my husband or others that are grinding my gears, they are always there to help and lend a listening ear. These people have kept me sane during some pretty difficult times. Their dorkiness, humour, tough love, and support are what everyone looks for in a friend. I may be the least present person in our group chat, but even reading through the chat after a long ass day of endless responsibilities they bring me back up or get me back down right where I am meant to be. Their love means the world.

Filling Your Bucket

Balancing everything can be tricky and it’s such a balancing act! Between day-to-day responsibilities, school, work, families, it can be hard to remember that we need to fill out own buckets. I found my happy place and it’s volunteering. I have volunteered at RDP Counselling Services for over a year with Linnea, and it has become a place that helps chills me out. No matter how much I have on my plate, volunteering puts me in check and reminds me of what’s important, why I’m attending RDP, and who I’m here for.

Good luck to everyone trying to make it work and remember that everyone in your life is rooting for you – including me! But if you need a little extra help along the way, there are so many great and free resources here at Red Deer Polytechnic to get you through this.

Your President is a NERD

By: Savannah Snow, SARDP President


Do you know what I love after a long day of student leadership? Sitting down and playing some video games. There is simply no better way to unwind and forget about the little stresses of life. I’m going to talk about some of my favourite video games in this blog post – something lighthearted to alleviate the stress of midterms!

My very first video game was Barbie: Rapunzel when I was four years old. My grandpa would put me in his lap and let me play on his big desktop computer back in the early 2000’s. I LOVED that game! It truly sparked my interest in video games, and I’m grateful to my grandpa for having the patience to play with me.

Another historical and current favourite of mine is Animal Crossing. I have played since the very beginning – all the way from the GameCube Animal Crossing to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch. I have sunk upwards of 700 hours on my current town. The premise of Animal Crossing is that you live in a village of talking animals. You get a house and have to pay off your loans through activities like fishing, hunting bugs, or collecting fruit. You can collect furniture items to decorate your house the way you wish! The most recent release is every decorator’s dream: The entire island you inhabit in-game can be customized! From the way the rivers flow to the houses that your villagers inhabit, you can create a world that is perfectly reflective of you. My favourite part of the game is seeing what other people have created. There are some truly incredible islands on the server! See the photo below to take a sneak peek as to what my island currently looks like!

Moving on to some current favourites! Lately I have been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, Sea of Thieves, Moonlighter, and The Outer Worlds. The Red Dead storyline game is an absolute masterpiece, would highly recommend playing if you are looking for an immersive storyline paired with breathtaking graphics. In the online version, you are a cowboy, and the world is yours for the taking! You can choose if you would like to be honorable or dishonorable, every action you take impacting your status. You can also join posses of other players, wreaking havoc or doing good deeds. I personally belong to a group of 60 people who play together or simply come to each other’s rescue when other online players are causing you trouble. Pictured below is my character along with my beloved horse, Hera.

Sea of Thieves is an online pirate game where you sail the seas, battle monsters, and search for booty! I am a solo player here, which presents its own challenges. There are often events where you go on wild seabound adventures! Since I am a solo player, I captain one of the lightest ships, meaning I am usually able to run away from person vs person (PVP) fights. My proudest moment was leading a hostile ship on a goose chase across the whole map for over an hour, making them so frustrated that they logged off! I may be a cowardly pirate, but a pirate nonetheless! See below for a photo of me on my ship and my fox companion, Alice!

Moonlighter is a bit different than other games I like to play. There is no character customization as with the rest, but it doesn’t make this game less addicting! You play as Will, a local shop owner. There are abandoned mines nearby which have been overrun with monsters. You forge your way into the mines at night, defeat the monsters, and collect the loot to sell in your shop during the day. The dungeons are randomly generated, making for endless enjoyment!

Most recently I’ve been playing The Outer Worlds upon recommendation from my fiancé. The game is set in the future, where they’ve sent ships full of frozen humans out to colonize planets. You belong to a ship that has been lost for 60 years, and a scientist has pulled you out and unfrozen you. The game is quite similar to Fallout, where you create your character and pick different stats you would like proficiency in, which shapes your gameplay. It is another choose-your-adventure type game, where all of your actions impact how the game will end. You also collect non-player characters along the way to fill out your crew and bring new abilities. See below for a photo of my character!

I have started a Twitch streaming channel which me and my fiancé share. Due to the busy nature of my schedule, I don’t get to stream often but enjoy it when I can. I am always looking for new people to play with, so if you enjoy any of these games please reach out and I will send you my gamertag!

Thanks for going on this little digital adventure with me!


Meet Your Executive Team

Savannah Snow
SARDP President

Hello everyone! My name is Savannah Snow. I am your SA President in my second – and final – term! I am a fourth year BBA student majoring in General Management. I am politically-minded and hope to head back to school later in life to pursue a law degree and gain employment in Canada’s political sphere. In my spare time I like to play video games, current favourites being The Outer Worlds, Moonlighter, and Stardew Valley. I am also a dungeon master for a Dungeons and Dragons group that my fiance and I started. I live in Blackfalds with my fiance, step daughter, and dog. I look forward to this term and serving students to the best of my abilities!


Erin Bast
SARDP Vice President External

My name is Erin Bast, and I am your SA Vice President External. I am in my second year of the Legal Assistant Program. Aside from attending Red Deer Polytechnic, I am a wife and mother of three kiddos under 10. For fun, I enjoy camping and going to the movies with my little family. I love reality TV, true crime documentaries, gardening, and organizing.


Alex Fuiten
SARDP Vice President Academic

Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I’m your Vice President Academic for this school year. I completed the UofC psychology collaborative program last year but decided to take an extra year here to work on getting ready for grad school. You may have seen me around campus as a peer tutor in the library, a member of the psychology society, or last year as your Vice President External. Outside of school you will generally find me watching hockey (Go Oilers!), playing videogames, listening to and playing music, or buried inside some weird diy electronics project. Take care and have an awesome year!

2022/2023 By-Election Candidates

Our By-Election is officially underway and we are excited to share the candidates with you! We are sharing the candidate profiles on our website and social media accounts to create awareness about our By-Elections and to encourage students to vote. The Students’ Association remains impartial and does not endorse any of the candidates.

October 4 – 6, 2022


Vice President External Candidates

*profiles shared in alphabetical by last name*


Erin Bast


I am Erin Bast, and I am running for the Student’s Association Vice President External position. I have been a council member of the RDP Student’s Association for almost a year. Now in my second year of the Legal Assistant Diploma Program, I can confidently say that I will further my education beyond what I have already committed to at RDP. Wanting to continue my education at RDP means I will be on campus for an additional three to four years, which will be a perfect opportunity to immerse myself in the Students Association.

2021 was my first year on campus at Red Deer Polytechnic. During that time, I have enjoyed being very involved with additional organizations. I became a member of the Legal Assistant Student Society, where I was a First-Year Executive member last school term, and I volunteered to host webinars and organize meetings and events. This school term, I was elected President of the student group, and it has been my duty to ensure that the student group runs smoothly. I have been fulfilling obligations such as acting as the official representative of the society and overseeing fundraising and events, executive and general meetings and recruiting enough members to make the society successful while ensuring that the executive and general members fulfill their duties.

It has been important to me to become more educated about mental health since working through my own mental health issues. Studying the law has also made me realize how much mental health and the legal system are intertwined. Education in this area has humbled me and made me more understanding and empathetic. I do my best with the knowledge that I have been provided for free from RDP’s Counselling Services. I am a Cam’s Kids Ambassador Team Leader through the Counselling Services at Red Deer Polytechnic. Being an Ambassador for Cam’s Kids means I have been certified with my Mental Health First Aid and Community Helpers Program. I have the pleasure of spreading awareness for anxiety and mental health issues, which involves hosting mental health events that I get to participate in.

I am a wife and a mother to three little ones and our three fur babies, and I cherish them all. They are the reason that I am here furthering my education; they are the reason that I am pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone; they are the reason I succeed. They are my everything. I have an incredible support system at home, which has allowed me to find my way through juggling family, school, extracurricular and volunteering schedules.

As I said, I am passionate about mental health, so I know many things can affect a person’s mental health, such as money, food, employment opportunities and access to counselling services. Should I be elected as the Vice President External, I would advocate for the students of Red Deer Polytechnic to have access to all of these critical services.


Chloe McLaughlin
*Headshot not provided*

Hi, my name is Chloe McLaughlin and I am running for Vice President External. As many of you are, I am a second year student just finding my way through life. I am in the new Education program. I hope to one day teach high school students and maybe even college students. I have tried to work with young children but they are way too energetic with me and not being a morning person it was hard to keep up. I spent years with my teachers watching them inspire young minds to figure out what they want to be in life and I hope that one day I will be able to be that teacher for my students. My major is English and my minor is Social Studies. Writing is something that I am passionate about because through telling stories you can learn a lot about a person. The way people speak shows what people think and their own opinion. Also writing has never been my strong suit and I always get my friends to look over my spelling. I love starbucks and procrastination. Coffee is my best friend when I stay out late and need to go to an 8 AM class, preferably ice coffee with caramel but I also love tea, hot chocolate, apple cider and any other hot or cold drink. Something special about me is that I am adopted. I do not have a sad story but I am grateful that people were willing to take me in and make me their own child. I have five siblings so everything can be chaotic sometimes. People that did not know that I was adopted have said that I have the attitude from my father and my looks from my mother. I love doing puzzles or board games with my friends. I prefer Marvel over Dc but Wonder Woman will always be my favorite hero to be inspired by. You can usually find me in the library working on assignments due the next day or laughing in the hallways with my friends. I love basketball and was captain of my team in highschool. I was also in many theater productions musical and non musical but I was not able to keep up with those and college. The theatre productions I was in were Beauty and the Beast, The Greatest Showman, Romeo and Juliet, Murders in the Heir, The Little Mermaid, and lastly The Wizard of Oz. I love books, mainly classics by Jane Austen and Charles Dickenson and many others. I loved shopping at thrift stores and I actually used to work at one which I have inherited from my parents who are also teachers. Bowling is something I do every week but somehow I still am terrible at it. I am addicted to cheese and pickles but you could also win me over with any type of food. All in all I feel that I am a great candidate for this position and if you elect me

Candidate profile requirements: Maximum of 150 words for social media and maximum of 500 words for Viewpoints. If the maximum word count is exceeded, profiles will be cut off at the maximum allotted. Profiles are not edited by the Students’ Association.

Questions about the Elections? Contact Marian Cruz, Chief Returning Officer at [email protected].

Alberta Students’ Executive Council’s (ASEC) Statement Regarding the Broken Advanced Education System


“ASEC calls on the Government of Alberta and Official Opposition to strengthen regulations regarding on-campus consultation, establishing transparent mechanisms and clear penalties for non-compliance. ASEC further calls on the Government of Alberta and Official Opposition to empower students by legislating protections for Students’ Associations concerning fee collection, space on campus, information sharing, student affairs, and learning resource selection. Finally, ASEC calls on Alberta’s post-secondary institutions to develop bilateral consultation agreements with their respective Students’ Association to ensure fair proceedings and transparent process, ” Dalton Ehry, Communication Coordinator writes.

Read the full press release.

What We’ve Been Up To

By: Alex Fuiten, Vice President Academic


Holy crap, what a whirlwind September has been! It’s amazing to see everyone’s smiling faces back on campus and the energy that y’all have brought back to the campus! In case you didn’t know what we have been up to here are some of the highlights.

New Student Orientation (NSO): We had the pleasure of meeting many of you and had the opportunity to introduce you to the many things we do on campus and for you. We gave out over 400 swag bags full of fun SA swag and our 2022/2023 Notebook. If you were not at NSO or haven’t been able to get your hands on our Notebook, please stop by our office!

RDP & SARDP Welcome BBQ: We kicked off the first day of classes with a Welcome BBQ hosted by RDP Senior Administration and SARDP.

Taco ‘Bout A Welcome: On September 6, we hosted our official welcome event in the Far Side Bar & Grill. We served you taco in a bag, pina colada’s, and strawberry daiquiri’s and welcomed a mariachi band and salsa dancers to campus.

Free Breakfast: Every Wednesday at 8am we provide you with free breakfast. We hand out items such as freshly baked muffins, fruit cups, granola bars, fresh fruit, juice boxes, and coffee. We are also excited to share that as of October 4, we will be adding Free Breakfast every other Tuesday!

If you haven’t noticed yet we like to have a good time! 🙂 Be sure to follow us on Instagram or check our Events Calendar often to stay up to date with our upcoming events! We have a variety of fun events and initiatives coming your way such as free yoga, 10-minute mindful meditations, wellness walks, a PUPPY ROOM, resuming building, feather painting, RISQUE BINGO, and free legal help…just to name a few 😉

Your Students’ Association oversees all the student groups on campus. In the next few weeks you will start to see them in the hallways hosting membership drives, so please take some time to stop by each of their tables and get to know them. If you don’t see a student group for you, consider starting a new group! Find out more information on student groups here:

We work hard behind the scenes on a number of things that you probably aren’t aware of such as advocating the institution and provincial government on your behalf. It can be on things as simple as how to navigate the campus, understanding what resources are available to you, and even about matters within your classroom such as appeals and other concerns. Myself and the other Executive’s hold daily office hours to meet with students and to hear your concerns, we welcome any and all to come chat with us!

One concern we have heard repeatedly from our students (and students across the province) is the affordability of post-secondary education. One of the ways we have chosen to address this is our Alberta Textbook Broke campaign. In early September, you may have noticed us in the halls asking you how much money you have spent on textbooks this year and we were shocked by some of the amounts. While we were in the halls, we were also creating awareness around Open Educational Resources (OERs) and how they can benefit you, and how they can help save you some money if implemented by instructors. With the information you provided us, you have given us a clearer depiction of the cost of being a student at our institution and in Alberta – and it has certainly gotten more expensive! If you did not get a chance to participate and would like to share your experience, please complete the Alberta Textbook Broke survey.

The Alberta Textbook Broke campaign, among others, is part of a larger effort with our provincial lobby group, the Alberta Students Executive Council (ASEC). ASEC focusses on advocating for issues that directly impact students and their wellbeing to the provincial government. This summer, ASEC determined three (3) advocacy priorities for the upcoming year: Tuition regulation, we have seen a huge increase in tuition fees across the province and want to provide you with tuition relief, definitions and protections surrounding Work Integrated Learning (WIL) we believe that students should not be viewed as free labour and want to ensure you are getting the most out of your WIL experience, and creating protections in the Post-Secondary Learning Act for Students’ Associations/Unions, we would like to see more power given to students when it comes to approval of tuition, mandatory fee increases, and on other important issues.

Once a month, myself or another member of the Executive team will share an update on what ASEC is up to, so if you have any concerns about post-secondary learning in Alberta please come to our office or email us and share you concern with us! We want to ensure you have the best possible experience here at RDP and as a student in Alberta!

Keep being amazing!



Notice to the Membership

Our Vice President External, Laura Beaveridge, has resigned from her position with the Students’ Association of Red Deer Polytechnic, effective August 22, 2022. We thank Laura for her service to our Members and wish her well in her future endeavours.

As per Association Bylaws, a by-election will be held in the Fall. To stay up to date on the election process, follow up on Instagram and Facebook.

If you have any questions regarding the position of Vice President External, please contact Marian Young, Governance and Student Support Coordinator at [email protected] or your President, Savannah Snow at [email protected].

Get to Know Your Executives!

On May 1, Savannah Snow, President; Alex Fuiten, Vice President Academic; and Laura Beaveridge, Vice President External began their year long term as your Students’ Association Executive team! Savannah and Alex are familiar faces to you as they are both entering their second terms in office. Alex previously served you as Vice President External.

So, let’s get to know the team a little better!

Savannah Snow, President

Hello everyone, my name is Savannah Snow and I’m returning as your President for the 2022-2023 academic year! I’m a BBA student and nearing my last year – I’m so excited to graduate! I’m still not sure what I’m doing after graduation; While I do aspire to be in politics I realize I do need some work experience before I get there. The cards are on the table! I was born here in Red Deer but I spent the first half of my childhood in foster care. I got adopted shortly before my 9th birthday, moved to Fort McMurray, and then we all moved to Texas in 2010. I came back to reconnect with my biological family and attend post-secondary as an adult.

I started a student group (Enactus) during my first year of school which was my first interaction with the Students’ Association. They badgered and pestered me until I joined Council (I jest, but I was resistant at first due to my workload with the student group!). I decided to join Council when Covid hit because the move to online meant I had more time to fill during my week. And honestly? Best decision I’ve ever made. Council introduced me to the world of governance and advocacy, and after my first term I ran for President.

My hobbies include reading and gaming. Some of my current favorite games are Overwatch (and the new PVP Beta!), Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. A fun fact about me is that I love to knit and have an all-encompassing love for fashion as well. I’m always willing to give tips on dressing your best! Looking good = feeling good in my world. That would be my biggest self care tip – invest time into yourself and your body. You only get one!

I look forward to this academic year and all of the opportunities it will bring! All students are welcome to stop by my office for anything, whether it’s an issue you are looking to resolve or just someone to chat with.

Laura Beaveridge, Vice President External

Hello my name is Laura! I grew up on Vancouver Island, BC and moved to Alberta to work in the oil industry before embarking on my educational journey. I am heading into my second year of Kinesiology here at Red Deer Polytechnic. Leadership has always been an important part of my life, this passion led me to join the Students’ Association as a Council Member on my first day at RDP. After about a year on Council, I ran and was elected as your Vice President External. In my free time, I enjoy hiking during the summer and snowboarding during the winter.

Alex Fuiten, Vice President Academic

Hello everyone, I’m Alex, your VP Academic for the 2022-2023 year! I’m a recent graduate of the U of C Collaborative Degree program in Psychology, but with hopes of going on to grad school in the future and because of this, I’m taking a few more classes and an independent study year in order to increase my chances of a successful grad school application. Including my collaborative years, I have spent about 7 years learning on this campus, though it hasn’t all been at once. With how long I’ve been at RDP it was inevitable that I would end up at the Students’ Association, though it was a bit of a winding road to get here. I started as a peer tutor in the Library assisting students with writing, in my third year I joined Student Council and, this past year I was elected to the Executive team as VP External in a by-election. After seeing how important the VPA role was and having performed some of the duties, I felt I was good fit to run for this office.

One of the main reasons I choose to continue my post-secondary journey at Red Deer Polytechnic is the people. Surrounding yourself with amazing people not only makes your program go by faster but makes it a lot more fun! If you are a first-year student, or a student looking to get more involved, I’d recommend reaching out to any of the student groups that exist on campus. I’m sure that you can make some friends there, and if you don’t know how, reach out to us here at the Students’ Association and we can point you in the right direction. Have an awesome year, and I look forward to seeing you in the halls.