A Day In The Life Of A Student Executive

Savannah, President

My day starts at 6:00 am, with a gentle, low-toned alarm. Nobody likes being woken up with a startle! Coffee is a must, and while it is brewing, I will tidy up from the night before. I’ll drink my coffee while getting ready – usually a shower or a bath depending on where I am in my wash routine, then skincare, makeup, and hair. Then it’s off to the office!

I will drop my things in my office and start up my computer, then head downstairs for another cup of coffee. Patty has my order memorized at this point – thanks Patty! I’ll then head upstairs to check through my email and formulate a plan for the day. I carry two planners with me: One is for the entire year and keeps me on task for meetings, deadlines, and to-do’s. The other has a daily spread to prioritize to-do’s along with a bullet journal sheet to do any personal tracking. I would probably implode if I lost either of these; They are well-loved and well-used.

I’ll then go through my day! Each day looks different, with a mix of in person and online classes, meetings, and offsite or after-hours engagements. I also have an office phone and will sometimes receive calls from members of the community that I do my best to answer! I generally average 3 meetings per day plus classes, plus whomever calls or drops by my office – very busy!

My workday ends at 4 pm, lucky me! I’ll head back home to Blackfalds, where I share an apartment with my partner and his daughter. We both love to cook, so generally whoever has gotten home first (or dibs’d it first!) will cook for everyone else. I generally do not answer emails or work on homework outside of my time at school and choose instead to relax with some Animal Crossing or Overwatch.

Bedtime generally occurs around 11:00 pm, but the running joke in my household is that I’m an old lady and usually don’t last past 9. You can often find me on the couch, with a string of drool hanging out of my mouth and my slippers half on half off. I do my skincare, set my alarm, and ready myself to do it all over again in the morning!


Brenan, Vice President External

            While most of my days are a variation of a theme and that theme being at the polytechnic all day, Mondays ironically tend to be the most interesting, or just in general busy. I’m one of those weird people that early
mornings don’t bother me too much so I’m normally up pretty early and read the news on my phone for an hour, or so. After this I’m truly up and getting ready. At some point in this process, I get the most essential thing for any morning, coffee. I take mine double double. After that it’s off to the Students’ Association office where I answer a few emails before heading to class – Sociology of Work. After class, it’s a meeting or two, then more emails. SO MANY EMAILS! Somewhere during the hours of 11AM and 2PM I find a time to get something to eat.

Over the last five years I’d have to say that the Far Side has been my go-to spot on campus, and I’ve spent more on chicken fingers than I’d actually care to admit.

At this point, I’m off to my History of Science and Religion class with Dr Wigelsworth. If you have the chance to take a history course, I’d recommend one of his. After that wraps up its back to the Students’ Association to get some last-minute things prepped before the Council Meeting at 5:30PM. During this time I have a small meal, and another coffee, you can never have enough coffee. The Council Meeting normally runs until about 8PM. From there I head home and get some of my homework done. Why does every professor in the social sciences and humanities insist on 800 pages of writing in a semester? I hope to one day find out why. At some point around 10-11PM I crawl into bed, spend an hour, or so, watching videos, looking up memes and decompressing from the day. Get some sleep and do it all over again.