Congratulations to the Incoming 2022/2023 Team!

Because of you, we are excited to share that our voter turn out for the 2022/2023 Students’ Association General Election was 17%, which is an increase of 7% when compared to our voter turn out of 10% for the 2021/2022 General Election! So, thank you students of Red Deer Polytechnic!!

On March 24, Red Deer Polytechnic students elected the following team for the 2022/2023 year:

The Executive team consists of:

  • President, Savannah Snow;
  • Vice President Academic, Brenan Fuiten;
  • Vice President External, Laura Beaveridge

The Student Council team consists of:

  • Felicity Arndt
  • Erin Bast
  • Kindra Duthie-Woodford
  • Lovejeet Kaur
  • Larissa Soehn
  • Kiara Welch
  • Tessie Yomi-Dada

Newly elected members of Executive Council will take office on May 1, 2022 and Council will begin their term that same day and both will remain in office until April 30, 2023. At this time, we have 5 vacancies on Student Council if you are interested in gaining leadership experience, learning about governance and finance, and making a difference for the students of RDP, email [email protected] for more information.