Extra-curricular activities: Add some spice to your college experience

Hello new and returning students,

It’s a brand new year full of excitement and learning! I’m here to inform you about some of the amazing ways you can get involved on campus this year. You may think there’s not enough time to participate in the extra-curricular stuff, but you’d be surprised.

I’m here to tell you that, yes, those experiences do take time out of studying and you may not feel like you have the energy after class, but at the end of the day the experiences you get from being involved are worth it.

I know that sounds somewhat cliché, however, employers are looking for more than the fact you passed a course or completed a program, they are looking to see what makes you stand out and what you’ve been a part of outside the classroom.

So without preaching any further, here are some opportunities you should take advantage of:

1) SA Council- This is the highest governing body of your Students’ Association. Through an election, 12 students are chosen to represent their peers. They bring forward concerns of the students and also make sure that students are informed about matters that affect them. It is NOT like your typical high school council. SA Council is a much larger, very influential, and essential component in influencing the environment here at Red Deer College. Council is open to all students and we encourage you to get involved.

2) Academic Council- This is the highest governing body on campus that overlooks all of the policy and curriculum. If you want to influence any policies on campus that affect students this is the place for you.

If you want to get involved, nominations for these councils open on Sept. 16. Should you need more information before making a decision please contact me, Rebecca Tootoosis, at [email protected] or 403-356-4977.

That being said, there are other opportunities besides these Councils. If you are interested in volunteering and not putting in quite as much time, we always appreciate help with our events and activities. There are also a variety of student groups on campus that you can contribute to.

I hope you all take advantage of the multiple extra-curricular activities that are offered and have an amazing year.

Rebecca Tootoosis
VP Operations