Health plan coverage continues until August 31

Student Benefits Plan … Did You Know

Health and dental plan coverage continues until August 31; it does not end at the completion of the school year. The new benefit year commences September 1.

Dental benefits

If you have not had your annual dental check up and will be away from Central Alberta for the summer, phone Concept Dental at 403-347-2377 and make an appointment now. To receive dental benefits, you must use Concept Dental. Your RDC student number is all you need; no claim forms are required unless you are referred to a specialist by Concept Dental.

The dental benefit is $750 per patient, per insurance year.

  • Diagnostic and Preventative (annual exam) includes polishing, one unit of scaling and medically necessary x-rays once per benefit year, fluoride for dependent children up to age 15 once per benefit year, pit and fissure sealants for dependent children up to age 16 – one replacement per tooth, per lifetime, on permanent molars only at 100 percent
  • Minor Restorative includes Fillings, Space Maintainers, Denture Repairs, relining, rebasing and tissue conditioning at 80 percent.
  • Oral Surgery limited to two wisdom teeth per benefit year at 50 percent.
  • Endodontic – root canals at 50 percent.
  • Periodontic – up to six additional units of scaling/root planning per benefit year at 50 percent.
  • Major restorative services such as crowns, bridges and dentures at 15 percent, once every five benefit years.

Tax tip

Did you know that your extended health and dental plan premiums are tax deductible ?

You can add the premiums to other medical expenses if you incurred health-related expenses, such as vision care, when you calculate tax credits. Retain a copy of the tuition invoice showing the health and dental fees and the statements attached to any reimbursement cheques from the insurance company, also receipts from Concept Dental.   Proof of medical expenses paid, need not be sent with your income tax submission, but must be kept in case you are audited.

For more information and a brochure outlining your Student Benefits Plan, Contact Renee Marcenko, Rm 2010A in the Students’ Association office, phone 403-356-4982, email [email protected], website: