On Point & On Time: Consider running for SA executive council

This school year has been a blast! There are parties and events happening at least once a week and the students are making a change in their education by voicing their concerns.

Have you ever questioned what happens behind the parties, events and the free stuff your Students’ Association provides?
Behind all that are four elected executive members who try to make each year the best one possible for the students of RDC. Elections for these positions are set for mid-March.

The SA President, Vice President Operations, Vice President Student Life and Vice President College Affairs are student positions work together to advocate and represent their peers in the College, municipal and provincial governments and community.

If you’re interested in what each position entails, here is a quick run down:

The President is responsible for representing you in all meetings that pertain to your education within the college, municipal and provincial government and the community-at-large. He/she will advocate on your behalf and ensure that in every decision made, your best interest as a student is kept in mind.

The VP Operations is the behind-the-scenes executive. This position is responsible for the highest governing body for students, SA Council, and ensures the student voice of the Donald School of Business is heard. This position works with the President and the staff members ensuring that we have the services that the students need for their education.

This position is responsible for the fun events for students to participate in or attend. The VP Student Life is responsible for organizing and executing many events such as the welcome week of activities aka Blitz Week and giving out free stuff. This position also helps out with the organization of the many student groups that we have on campus.
If you’re the organized, party person — this position may be for you!

The VP College Affairs is responsible for student academic or non-academic appeals. This position deals with a ton of policies pertaining to the student academic well-being. This office is also in charge of the Issues Committee, listening to students concerns and gathering facts and making a change for the students.

Like Uncle Ben said to Peter “with big power comes big responsibility.” Personal motivation and time management is key to success and these are two of the million skills that a student can learn by being part of the Students’ Association.

Being a student executive is worth it, don’t get me wrong, it is stressful but the rewards certainly outweigh the responsibilities.

Think about running. Think about making a change. Think Students’ Association.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop by the SA Office and we can chat it up.