On Point & On Time: New semester plans with your Students’ Association

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a relaxing break from school work but now it’s time to open those textbooks again and head on over to class!

Some of you are probably in the middle of keeping your New Year’s Resolution — giving up caffeine, exercising more, or spending more time in the library. Keep going! It’s been a week since the year began. Make sure to have an end goal!

Hopefully, if you end up keeping those resolutions for more than two weeks, you’ll see the difference by the end of the school year.
If one of your resolutions is to get involved around the college — your Students’ Association can help you with that!

Getting involved
If you’re looking for a place to volunteer, your SA is always looking for more hands to help us out during events. If you’re looking to learn more about governance, you can be a part of the Students’ Association Council. The SA Council is responsible for making decisions regarding your student life while studying at RDC. If you want to represent your peers or for more information, please contact me at the SA Office 403-342-3200.

Now if you’re looking for a job while studying, we’re hiring for an Elections Officer, for more information, please contact Rebecca Tootoosis, our Vice-President Operations or check out the posting on the Employment page of our website (www.sardp.ca/employment/)

The Far Side Bar & Grill is also looking for staff. If you’re interested please drop off  your resume and a cover letter stating your availability at the SA Office. You can work between your classes!

Your SA has a ton of events planned out for you for the next 13 weeks! Our Vice President Student Life Jhymylyn Miranda is finalizing every detail for the Mardi Gras Party at the Far Side Bar & Grill. It is Jan. 17, stop by to win some prizes and meet new people!

She also has an Eco Day planned for both Main Campus and DSB! Look out for posters and LCD screens for more information.

If you’re from the Donald School of Business, our Vice President College Affairs Tanis Penney is planning an event specifically for you! Again, look out for posters and the LCD screens for more information.

Campus Recreation is currently busy finalizing their semester events. A couple of events such as the ski trip in February and intramurals has been set! Visit Taz Kassam, the new Student Life Co-ordinator at Room 1102 or talk to one of the Campus Rec Programmers in the Living Room!

These are just some of the events for the next semester. There are more events coming up so stay tuned! There is no reason for you to be bored!

Mark your calendars, enjoy the free stuff, attend the parties, but don’t forget to go to your classes!

Remember, it’s not the books that you’ll remember in 10 years. What will stick with you is the cool people you met and the events you attended.

Enjoy your winter semester and stay classy!