On Point & On Time: The importance of being informed and voting

With the Students’ Association elections just around the corner, I wanted to remind you about the importance voting.

The Students’ Association is here to represent you, as a student at Red Deer College. You paid your tuition to be here and get the education you want. That makes you a shareholder of this institution, which means you have a voice in the decision-making process within this institution and the provincial government.

That voice and representation are held the student leaders you elect during the SA elections. Just as your current executive team has, those students will make decisions, lobby and represent you to the College administration, the government and the community on your behalf. Of course, all of that happens after consulting with the majority of the students.

Like every single student organization across Canada, the Students’ Association collects fees (essentially part of your tuition). This covers the cost of the services we have available such as advocacy and representation, events, the student handbook/daytimer, lease for the photocopiers in the library, Students’ Association scholarships and awards, and more importantly, a building that shelters all of the services that the SA provide which includes the Far Side Bar & Grill and The Lift convenience store.

It is the job of the elected officials — SA president and the three vice presidents — to ensure you have the services you need as a student. In addition, they represent you to within the College, the government, and the community.

If you are thinking about running for a student executive position you can talk to the current executive in that position. If you’ve got what it takes to experience a thrilling yet challenging role, I would encourage you to pick up a nomination package and learn more about the positions and the election process. Another quick reminder of Uncle Ben’s words to Peter, “with big power comes big responsibility.”

Completed nomination packages must be submitted to Elections Officer Marie Evangelista by 4 p.m. March 11.

It is important to know the candidates and make an informed a decision before voting. Regardless if you’re returning to RDC next year, it is your responsibility and duty as a paying member to vote for the next set of student representatives.

Please vote on March 19, 2013. It takes only two minutes to make a difference. Let your voice be heard during the 2014 Spring Executive Council Election!