On Point & On Time: What’s next for the Students’ Association?

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the Election candidates, their campaign teams, the Chief Returning Officer, SA Staff and of course, our many volunteers for their hard work during Elections Week!

The enthusiasm and camaraderie that was displayed only proves what the Students’ Association is all about.

Now that the elections are over, it is time for the outgoing and incoming student executives to work on determining the next steps the Students’ Association will take to ensure continued success in advocacy, representation, and services the SA provides.

Continuity is key to an organization’s success; we are committed to ensuring the Association continues to build on the foundation of advocacy and representation, not just within the College but also throughout the province.

This year, together with Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC), the lobby group that we belong to, we lobbied the government for transparency with tuition and the mandatory non-instructional fees (outside the classroom materials) we pay, long-term funding for mental health in ALL post-secondary institutions, consistent student representation for all committees, and lastly, transferability.

The College is gearing up to changing into a school model starting July 1, 2014. An information session for students, led by Brad Donaldson, Vice President Academic was held March 12 informing the students about the upcoming change and answering students’ questions. To learn more about the School Model Implementation, please visit the Students’ Association website: www.sardp.ca. The Students’ Association would like to thank Brad Donaldson and his team for taking time to answer students’ questions and concerns.

Congratulations to all the new upcoming student executives and we’re excited to be working with you!