SA Councilors speak and advocate on behalf of students

Students’ Association Winter Council — the highest governing body of the SA — has been set. All major decisions are made by Council, which consists of 12 Councilors and the current Students’ Association Executive Council.

Councilors represent the students and have the responsibility to speak up and advocate on behalf of the student body. Student Council meetings are held every second Monday and are open to the students of Red Deer College.

Your 2014-2015 SA Council
• Daniel Jackman
• Patti Lapointe
• Jordyn Saxton
• Brady Podloski
• Robert Raincock
• Alannah Clayton
• Diane Richard
• Frans Badenhorst
• Kelly Lockhart
• April Massie
• Austin McGrath, Ex-officio
• Erik Elilngson, Board of Governors Representative
• Evan Lintick, Vice President College Affairs
• Jhymylyn (Jaime) Miranda, Vice President Student Life
• Rebecca Tootoosis, Vice President Operations
• Bailey Daines, SA President