Your 2020/2021 Student Executive Team has been Elected!

On March 19th, Red Deer College students elected their 2020/2021 Students’ Association student executives in the annual general election!

The team consists of:

  • President Brittany Lausen,
  • Vice President Academic Shannon Humphreys,
  • Vice President External Logan Beauchamp, and
  • Vice President Community & Wellness Nathan Fleck (resigned- July 2020).

All newly elected members of executive council will take office on May 1st, 2020.

“We are grateful for those students who took the time to participate in this election, either by voting, attending forums, or expressing their priorities,” said returning President Brittany Lausen.

“I’m especially appreciative of this year’s candidates. It takes real courage to put oneself out there and campaign while maintaining a focus on academics. The hard work they all put in demonstrates how passionate they are about their education and the future of Red Deer College. We know 2020/2021 will bring many challenges navigating the novel Coronavirus; however, I have the utmost confidence in this team.”

The current executive team (Brittany Lausen, President; and Vice President Operations; David P. Anderson) will remain in office until April 30th.