YOUR Students’ Association: here to represent and serve the students

Hello RDC Students! Welcome to what is sure to be a crazy, yet exciting year at Red Deer College. My name is Bailey Daines and I’m YOUR Students’ Association President for 2014/2015.

For some of you who are returning, it may feel like you are simply coming home after a long summer vacation.  Okay sorry, “short” summer vacation, because after all, this is Alberta. For others, this may be your first time on a busy campus, with everyone looking as if they’ve got this place figured out. The truth is, you’re not alone.

My first year at RDC I spent most of my time back and forth to classes, wandering the hallways with what felt like a backpack of bricks, and in all honesty I didn’t get the college’s tag line “When you get here, you understand.”

While that slogan still perplexes me, this is what I do understand:  There is way more support and opportunities on this campus than I could have ever imagined.

The SA truly is here to represent students and create a quality post-secondary experience, and this year is no exception. The in-front and behind-the-scenes work for our businesses, representation, and services we provide for students, all exist to support you.

It’s never lost on me that the Students’ Association exists because of you, and for you. YOU are the true bosses on campus and this is YOUR post-secondary experience.

With that said, your voice and your involvement is important! You’re already a member and opportunities await! So GRAB this experience by the … books, and make your time at RDC a truly memorable journey!

Come and check out your Students’ Association, pick up a handbook (coupons galore!), and see what we’re all about.

Again, welcome to RDC, thank you for making it this far down the article, and I’ll hopefully be seeing you soon!

Warmest Welcome,
Bailey Daines
Students’ Association President